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Medical Marijuana- Will It Be Covered Under Your Insurance Policy?

— January 5, 2023

Medical Marijuana is becoming a more common treatment for specific health conditions.

Medical marijuana use is increasing, with some estimates suggesting that more than a third of patients in the U.S. who are qualified to purchase medical Marijuana live in states where it is legal. This statistic may be surprising as just over a decade ago, such use was illegal and considered taboo by most people and still is to some extent today. Companies can also now develop products that contain cannabis extract, often called CBD oils or hemp oils. They come in many different forms but usually include a vaporizer or oil for skin application, which does not produce any mind-altering effects on the user.

  • What is Medical Marijuana?

Marijuana is used to treat the same symptoms as other medications. Still, the main difference is that it contains the active ingredient THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol), which is only available in a medical marijuana product. Other medications include different elements that are derived from cannabis plants, but they do not have THC.

Many people still do not agree with these types of medication because they feel it is just an excuse for people to get high for their recreational pleasure. However, in countries where it is legal, many have found that it is highly effective in treating severe chronic pain and other conditions. Marijuana is, however, not an appropriate replacement for treatment with different types of medication.

  • Medical Marijuana: Is it legal?

Trying to answer the question, ‘is it legal’ is not easy since each state has laws and regulations about marijuana use. However, the most common way for people to obtain medical Marijuana is legally through a doctor because smoking it illegally could lead to jail time.

However, as mentioned above, it can also be purchased by people safely through a licensed doctor, which is usually only available in most states where cannabis is legal.

To get more information about the rules and regulations of your state, you should visit Green Team Doctors in Utah. In some states, medical marijuana cards have become common ways to obtain this type of medication. Healthcare professionals or organizations that provide this kind of treatment information or medicine usually give them out.

  • Insurance cover medical marijuana:

Basic medical insurance usually will cover the cost of Marijuana as long as it is used to treat a medical condition. However, it is essential to check with your provider to see what benefits your specific plan offers and whether you can receive any other discounts on this type of treatment.

Michigan Communities Try to Expand Medical Marijuana Industry
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Generally, private plans will include prescription drugs, but for most people, their insurance does not cover the cost, so they have to pay for this out-of-pocket. However, for some people who are suffering from significant health problems that prevent them from working, disability insurance may help them to pay for their medication and will include medical Marijuana, among many other drugs which are not covered by basic medical insurance plans.

  • Other Information:

Other types of coverage will usually not include medical Marijuana, which means you should find out more about your policy to see what kind of medications are covered by your plan and if you can apply for any discounts. In addition, since medical cannabis is still considered a drug by the federal government, it is not included in Medicare or Medicaid, and most private insurance companies do not offer coverage for this type of medication or treatment.

Medical Marijuana is becoming a more common treatment for specific health conditions. Still, the drug can have many side effects; therefore, it is best for people who have been prescribed the medication only to use it when their doctor advises them to.

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