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Meet PeopleClerk, the Tech Company Making the Legal System Accessible

— January 18, 2022

Making law accessible for everyone seems like a goal that should be pervasive in the legal system, but that’s not always true.

Many people believe that they have been slighted or otherwise need to seek justice through small claims court. However, they have no idea how to approach the legal system. This makes it feel impossible to seek justice, and something about that feels incredibly unjust.

Why does the legal system feel so inaccessible to many individuals? How cases move through the court system is a mystery to many, and this can make it feel like a huge risk or investment to get involved even in small claims lawsuits.

PeopleClerk is a tech company ready to change this by making the legal system accessible to everyone, even if you can’t afford to hire a lawyer.

Technology Changes the Game

In the past, filing a small claims lawsuit was difficult, even for those who could hire a lawyer. From choosing a lawyer to figuring out how to file in the paperwork, there is a lot to keep track of. For many people, the roadblocks are too significant.

However, in recent years, technology has played a major role in changing how accessible the legal justice system is to everyone.

The primary change is this: civil courts are modernizing. In many areas, it’s possible to go online and print out or file necessary documents for lawsuits. At the very least, a breadth of information has been created and uploaded online for easy reference. With access to information and easy-to-use court tools, people are more capable of filing lawsuits without lawyer involvement than ever before.

However, it doesn’t always feel that way. There is little standardization between court systems, and sometimes, the forms that need to be filled out can still be overwhelming. Even with technology creating opportunities and more options for online services, not all individuals can utilize those opportunities.

Making the Law More Accessible

Making law accessible for everyone seems like a goal that should be pervasive in the legal system, but that’s not always true. In some cases, law firms don’t even have ADA-compliant websites, even though many people would benefit from this change.

Representing yourself in court can be a daunting task. However, in some states and court systems, you must represent yourself during initial hearings during small claims court. This allows everyone involved to be on equal footing.

It is intimidating to enter a courtroom without a lawyer, whether because you cannot afford one or because it is not permitted. Even preparing to submit your documents to file a lawsuit without an expensive lawyer by your side is often daunting. However, it doesn’t have to be anymore with PeopleClerk.

PeopleClerk: Making the Legal System Accessible

Camila Lopez, the Co-Founder (pictured on the right), explains that People Clerk is an online platform that helps individuals prepare, file, review, and prepare documents and information needed for small claims lawsuits. “These services, which demystify the legal process for customers, are much more affordable than the services of a traditional law firm”.

Camila Lopez, Co-Founder of PeopleClerk; image courtesy of PeopleClerk.
Camila Lopez, Co-Founder of PeopleClerk; image courtesy of PeopleClerk.

PeopleClerk is an excellent choice for individuals who need legal assistance when preparing to file a small claims lawsuit or defend themselves when being sued. PeopleClerk is not a law firm, and you will not be assigned a lawyer to join you in the courtroom. However, the company’s extensive tools ensure that you are prepared and prepped for your upcoming case.

How PeopleClerk Works

Ready to learn just what it takes to file your small claims lawsuit through PeopleClerk?

The process is simple, straightforward, and adaptable; it can be used in many court systems even though the process can vary. Here are the steps that PeopleClerk walks each individual through for a specialized and convenient lawsuit processing service.

Step 1: Preparing Your Lawsuit

First, you’ll submit your evidence and intake forms to PeopleClerk. These will be processed and prepared so that all of your legal documents are ready to go. After you review and approve the documents, they will be sent to you for your final signature.

Step 2: Documentation Submission

Next, your documents will be electronically submitted to the correct court system. If the court system in question doesn’t have electronic submissions, everything you need to send will be prepared and sent to you to be quickly submitted.

Step 3: Filing & Serving

Once the court has filed your lawsuit, you can select how you would like the case to be served. You can either have a third-party processing service, a sheriff, or a friend serve the lawsuit to relevant parties.

Step 4: Prepare for the Hearing

Once the hearing date is set, PeopleClerk takes steps to ensure you are prepared for your hearing. From reviewing the evidence pack with you to answering questions about what to wear, the assistance provided will be beneficial, particularly for those who have never been to court before. Whether you will have a lawyer by your side or not, having PeopleClerk’s assistance can be beneficial.

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