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Mobile App Longevity Depends on Its User Experience

— February 25, 2022

Focusing on your app’s great UI/UX design boosts your customer satisfaction level, making them happy.

With digital platforms rising fast, most people use desktops or mobile phones in their daily lives to gain fast access to websites and other stuff. Both smartphones and desktops have a lot of users due to the convenience it provides to the users. While desktops are suggested to access websites, smartphones render a better (UX) user experience. 

Mobile-related tech is gaining momentum globally, and especially with its advancements, people are expecting more each day to ease their operations with user-friendly and seamless mobile app interfaces. Hence, your mobile app’s UI and UX are significantly important for determining your app’s life. 

It should be noted that mobile apps are the primary reason for people using fewer desktops these days. Mobile app downloads are increasing each day; the number was approx. 205.4 billion in 2018; and is expected to mark 258.2 billion by 2022. The simple reason behind preferring more mobile apps instead of the desktop is its functionality and ease.

Hence, it is crucial to provide an exemplary mobile app user experience to your end-users to sustain and thrive in the market. These days, there are millions of apps to give you tough competition, so your app needs to have an attractive and eye-catching design that could influence your target users. 

Mobile apps’ UI/UX design improves the user experience, thus playing a significant role in your app’s success. Before we move towards how UX can boost your app’s duration in the market, let’s understand it in detail.

Introduction to UX

UX is short for User Experience. UX aims to offer a phenomenal experience to the user with its user-friendliness and feel. Building a UX includes describing the way your app works and meets the user’s needs. Your app’s UX must be comfy, clear, and easy to use. Moreover, it should work in a way that would make your users your loyal customer base. 

UX is nothing but user’s interaction with your mobile app. The basic idea here is to gain their trust and confidence by building a straightforward yet usable app, leaving the user happy & satisfied. A great UX designer is one who has immense knowledge in this area after conducting in-depth research about the target users and their demands. 

An exceptional UI and intuitive UX guarantees impeccable app usage, which is a high requisite and fundamental parameter to define your app’s success. An excellent UI/UX renders a world-class user experience when it comes to app navigation, aesthetics, and feel.

Significance of UX in Mobile Application 

Being an app developer, it is crucial to know the significance of UX in the mobile app. You can indeed develop an app with great features, but neglecting the process of mobile app design might lead to a drastic downfall of your mobile app. Henceforth, it is necessary to balance your apps’ UI/UX design and functionality to succeed in the market.

  • UX design enhances your brand image.

Focusing on your app’s great UI/UX design boosts your customer satisfaction level, making them happy. And your customers will indeed stay with your brand if you satisfy them. Great feedback from your app users will definitely enhance your brand’s goodwill and application. 

  • It saves time & cost.

By investing in a spectacular UI/UX design, there is less chance that your customers will find any difficulty using your mobile app. An impeccable app will not require updates often, help you minimize cost, and save time.

  • Attracts target users

    A woman using a smartphone. Image via Uploaded by: Kristin Hardwick. Listed as (CCA-BY-0.0)/public domain.

Only a few moments are adequate to leave a wonderful first impression on your users. A few seconds after opening your app will determine if they want to continue using your mobile app or abandon it. Interaction and engagement are other deciding factors if app users find it captivating enough; only then do they indulge in your app. 

Make sure that your app’s onboarding process is straightforward for users to understand, fonts and text are readable, information is succinct, and colours align with the brand. If navigating the app is complex, your users will be disappointed enough to abandon it forever. 

Remember, simplicity is attractive. Hence, opt for simple yet elegant designs that will captivate your user’s attention.

  • Better customer satisfaction & ROI

It becomes easy for the users to navigate your app and understand your content with remarkable UI and UX design, thus offering phenomenal services. A happy customer will refer your app to others as well, increasing your app downloads and business ROI.

  • Appear at the top in the App Store 

A mobile app’s success or failure is determined by the number of users who use it and like it. Fantastic ratings and feedback from happy users will indeed bring your app to the top list. Ensure to deliver an incredible UI/UX experience to your users for your mobile app longevity. And appearing at the top in the App Store or Play Store will impact the users to download the app. 

Final Words

Mobile app’s UI and UX are different but linked uniquely to deliver an unparalleled value to your users. Irrespective of the business type, it is super important to keep the mobile app’s UI/UX up-to-date. This can generate more revenues and establish the brand reputation. 

UI/UX design is crucial for your app’s success by delivering seamless features and a delicate design that appeals to the users. As an app developer, by working close-knit with the client, you can create a more engaging and interactive app by understanding their target audience and preferences.

Several experienced mobile app development companies are in the market and choosing the right one can help you meet your business goals & objectives. 

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