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Motorcyclist Opens Fire After Almost Being Killed by Miami Driver

— April 4, 2023

The more logical approach would have been to accept medical treatment and file a personal injury claim against the negligent driver.

Most drivers assume that a motorcyclist poses a minuscule risk to them. After all, motorcycles are small, light vehicles. What damage could a motorcyclist possibly do – especially if you’re driving a large SUV? Well, one SUV driver in Miami recently discovered that an enraged motorcyclist is more than capable of exerting deadly force. But was this really the right decision? What’s the best way to pursue justice after suffering injuries due to the negligence of another driver?

Motorcyclist Takes Revenge After Accident

On December 5th, it was reported that an SUV had cut off another driver before making a dangerous, illegal U-turn that almost claimed a motorcyclist’s life. The motorcycle’s entire front portion was run over, leaving the rider with serious injuries. However, the motorcyclist managed to get up and draw a firearm. He then limped after the fleeing SUV while taking shots at the vehicle. The driver of the SUV then struck another vehicle in order to make his escape. It’s not clear whether the motorcyclist actually managed to hit the driver, but police say that one person was treated for gunshot wounds when they arrived. This could have been the SUV driver, or it might have been someone else caught in the crossfire. 

The Best Way to Seek Justice After a Motorcycle Accident

In many ways, the motorcyclist’s actions are understandable. He was almost killed by a reckless driver, and his first thought was to take revenge. In these situations, it can be difficult to think clearly. However, this was definitely not the right decision. The fact that the motorcyclist opened fire means that he will likely face serious criminal charges – potentially spending many years in prison for attempted murder.

Man holding a handgun. Image via (CCA-BY-0.0)

The more logical approach would have been to accept medical treatment and file a personal injury claim against the negligent driver. The driver also would have faced criminal charges for their reckless actions, providing the victim with a sense of justice and closure. Because the motorcyclist chose to take justice into their own hands, they will likely spend time behind bars – where they will not have the ability to spend their settlement money. You should know that Florida is one of the few “no-fault” states, which means that you can work with your lawyers, file a claim, and receive compensation without even proving that another driver’s negligence caused your accident. 

Where Can I Find a Miami Motorcycle Accident Attorney?

If you’ve been searching for Miami motorcycle accident lawyers, there are many Miami motorcycle accident lawyers standing by. Get help from one of these Florida motorcycle accident lawyers, and you can hold negligent drivers accountable – without using your firearm. Book a consultation with qualified motorcycle accident lawyers as soon as possible to avoid issues with the statute of limitations. Experienced accidents lawyers can force negligent drivers to experience financial consequences for their misconduct. 



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