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My Roof Damage Claim was Denied in Arizona, Now What?

— February 17, 2022

Even if your brand new roof is damaged, insurance companies may still deny your claim on the basis of “pre-existing damage.”

One of the most common types of property damage in Arizona involves the roof. Roofs can be damaged in a number of different ways, and this almost always represents a serious issue that requires immediate repair. Fortunately, most residents in Arizona have a homeowners insurance policy that will cover the costs of these repairs. But what happens if your roof damage claim is denied in Arizona?

If you find yourself in this situation, it’s best to get in touch with a qualified, experienced attorney who specializes in denied insurance claims. These legal professionals know exactly how to deal with insurance companies, and they can help you fight for the settlement you need and deserve. Even if your claim has already been denied, you can fight back and appeal the decision. If necessary, your attorney can even help you sue your insurance provider for not honoring their agreement. 

Why a Roof Damage Claim Might Be Denied

There are many reasons why an insurance company might deny your roof damage claim:

Wear and Tear

Technically speaking, all roofs have a finite lifespan. If you know that your roof needs to be repaired, it’s your responsibility to do so within that time limit. If your 30-year-old roof starts to crumble and fail because you have not repaired or replaced it, you will likely have trouble with your insurance claim. 

Pre-Existing Damage

Rooftop solar panels adorn a house with intricate wooden trim.
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Even if your brand new roof is damaged, insurance companies may still deny your claim on the basis of “pre-existing damage.” In other words, they will try to claim that your roof was already broken beforehand. This can be quite frustrating, especially if the damage was clearly caused by strong winds, hail, or some other natural event that your insurance policy is supposed to cover. This is why it’s so important to document the damage — preferably with “before and after” photos. 

Non-Functional Damage

Roofs can be seriously damaged while still technically performing exactly as they should. For example, a hailstorm or strong winds can put dents in your roof, making it look unattractive. But as long as the roof continues to keep moisture out and protect the interior of the residence, an insurer might argue that no “functional damage” has occurred. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced attorney in Phoenix who specializes in denied insurance claims, there are many legal professionals who are ready and waiting to assist you. Team up with one of these attorneys, and it may suddenly seem much easier to get the settlement you desperately need to repair your roof. If you’d like to explore your legal options, book a consultation with one of these insurance lawyers today. 

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