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Myths About Social Networks in Business

— May 9, 2019

Social media marketing has become a huge trend in today’s business environment. Well, social channels have indeed invaded the fundamental concept of business, giving it a unique direction by changing the social angle.

In simpler words, business cannot be effectuated without communication. Social media networks are now portrayed and perceived as the primary communication channel, besides phone and email. More and more individuals are choosing Facebook or WhatsApp over the traditional SMS.


Because it’s faster, more effective, it embodies a great user experience, it allows you to send audio, pictures, and video (and gives you the chance to share them). 

Since social networks have become a critical aspect in many people’s lives, businesses from all over the world have started to create diversified strategies that all share a common goal: grabbing the attention of the consumers and initiating them in the sales process, which is always purposed to generate sales.

Anyhow, social media marketing is not the same concept as “effective social media marketing”. The difference is groundbreaking, as it differentiates the winners (successful brands) from the losers (modest brands). 

In today’s post, we’re touching a delicate topic, which proposes the idea of social media myths in the business environment. Here are the eight myths that are about to go down!

Social Media is a “Should” Rather than a “Must”

Imagine this: when students have to deal with complicated essays, they often neglect it and perceive it as an unconscious “should” rather than a conscious “must”.

The inevitable problem is still present, only that they realize it during critical moments (one day before the deadline). 

In those instances, quite desperately, they’ll immediately turn to professional academic writers (a.k.a., an Assignment Holic Service ) and pay good money for GradeMiners review . 

Well, when a businessman neglects social media, his behavior is extremely similar to the students. There’s one difference though: the consequences are the loss of time, energy, attention, and money.

Social media is no longer a should but rather a big must for every modern business!

Social Presence on All Networks is Obligatory 

Be active on every social media channel, the gurus’ said. Nope, that is not obligatory. If you want to be effective in social media marketing, you should totally understand your audience’s online behavior and study their social media use until you identify the “places where they hang around”.

If your target audience is mostly comprised of elders, Snapchat or Instagram aren’t really favorable places to invest your marketing funds. Choose your channels wisely!

Social Media is a Great Tool for Selling

Social networks can help businesses sell. However, unlike today’s common myths and beliefs, social channels can help businesses sell more content, products, and services in an indirect way. 

People spend time on social channels to relax, to escape, and to find a moment of silence. Intrusive advertising, a.k.a. transaction aimed marketing, is not so beneficial nowadays. That is why selling directly on social channels will be hard and ineffective for that matter.

What you can do, though, is focus on connecting with your target audience through social channels, lead them back to your website, “capture” their contact information and email address (very important), and develop a relationship. 

You can’t ask a stranger to buy something from you – you’d better say “hi” first, “how are you”, “here’s who I am”, “here’s why you should listen and care”, “here are the benefits”, and so on. Build that relationship and the money will come as a side-effect.

“My Target Audience is Not on Social Media”

Many entrepreneurs and businessmen find this excuse palpable and good enough for them to neglect social channels.

Smartphone with various social network icons, some displaying waiting messages; image by Rahul Chakraborty, via
Smartphone with various social network icons, some displaying waiting messages; image by Rahul Chakraborty, via

Everyone’s spending time on social media, including toddlers, young grandmas, emancipated teenagers, shy introverts, religious persons, and the list could go on.

The hardest challenge is to actually find the corners in which your audience “hides” and spends time. Finding communities (social groups) will then lead you to different relevant places. It’s simple – just follow your audience’s links and follow their track.

Social Channels is a Marketing Channel for Young People Mostly

Social media is a universal communication way that is now preferred over anything else. Phone discussions haven’t been replaced yet, though the audio and video calling features present on social channels are already very popular too.

Believing that only “young people” use it is a sign of ignorance, primitive perception, and lack of analytics skills and awareness. Maybe it’s harsh, but that would be it.

Social Media Marketing is Free

Social media marketing can be free, of course, but then it won’t be as effective as it can be if you were to spend a little money. Not a fortune, just a decent amount of money that can make the entire difference.

Nowadays, most social networks are seeking the very same thing as all the big corporations: profits. So, advertising has become an important focus that diminishes the potential of acquiring a lot of organic, free traffic. It’s possible but very hard.

The More Social Followers the Better

Quality is not the same thing as quantity, so no, gaining more and more followers is not necessarily a sign of progress. It could be, but only if the new followers are carefully targeted and belong in the ideal group of prospects that your brand is addressing. Therefore, always focus on gathering relevant people rather than many people.

Hiding the Negative Feedback Will Keep Your Brand’s Reputation Untouched

You should never ever hide away negative feedback. That’s going to destroy your brand because this is a very low act that can be fatal to your brand’s reputation. Always face it!

Also, never neglect the negative comments or remarks. Confront them diplomatically, accepting your mistakes, compensating for the wrongs, and fighting for justice when the situation demands it. 


Taking your social media game to the next level is a matter of awareness and perspective mainly. Afterward, you’ll experience the strategy, the action, the failure, the persistence, the breakthrough, and then the success. Be patient yet persuasive in your approach. Continue learning, studying, and keep on gaining the bigger picture – it will serve you more than you could ever think!

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