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NBA Owner Robert Sarver Accused of Sexual Harassment

— January 11, 2022

Sarver’s representatives are already pushing back against the allegations.

Robert Sarver, the owner of the Phoenix Suns, has been accused of sexual harassment and a wide range of other misconduct. The NBA is reportedly mulling whether or not to remove him from the sport entirely, and the validity of these allegations is still being explored. One thing is certain, the Suns have been hit with a massive controversy that is still unraveling. Victims of Robert Sarver may continue to come forward. 

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A Report on Sarver’s Alleged Misconduct is Yet to Be Released

Lawsuit Filed on Behalf of Sexually Exploited Youth Basketball Players
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Sarver’s team is bracing for a considerable controversy, as a group of mostly anonymous individuals has created some kind of report that allegedly sheds light on the owner’s history of sexism, sexual harassment, and racism. So far, the details of this report have not been released to the public. But various sources indicate that the NBA is taking this matter very seriously, and they are apparently preparing to remove Sarver from the sport entirely. This makes sense, as the NBA already has shown that it is willing to remove owners from the organization for making racist comments. Most of us remember the 2014 controversy that surrounded Donald Sterling, who received a lifetime ban from the sport after he made racist comments in a recorded conversation.

Sarver’s Team Categorically Denies All Allegations

Sarver’s representatives are already pushing back against the allegations. The Suns have also issued statements calling these claims “completely baseless.” They also claim to have eyewitness accounts and documentary evidence that completely refutes the specific claims. Sarver has also made a statement that questioned the “vague suggestions made by mostly anonymous voices.” Again, it’s very difficult for anyone to get understand what is going on behind the scenes, as the report has yet to be published. Could Sarver be the next owner to receive a lifetime ban? That all remains to be seen. 

Enlist the Help of a Qualified Attorney Today

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