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Nebraska Doctor Hit with Lawsuit for Repeatedly Botching Cosmetic Surgeries

— October 6, 2017

A Nebraska doctor is facing a slew of malpractice lawsuits after being accused of repeatedly botching cosmetic surgeries.

The Omaha-based physician, Dr. Gerard Stanley, Jr., is had seven complaints filed against him in August alone. In total, fourteen women have said coming under his scalpel has left them deformed.

According to local news outlets, Stanley billed himself as a board-certified plastic or cosmetic surgeon.

Now, a lawsuit claims that he botched procedures ranging from liposuction to breast implants and eye lifts over the course of the past two years.

Doctors, notes, don’t have to be board-certified to perform cosmetic surgeries in Nebraska.

Reporters from the same network spoke to 5 of the women who consider themselves victims of Stanley’s poorly-performed procedures, some of whom said they’d have to pay thousands of dollars to correct his mistakes.

Others said the surgical mishaps could be irreparable.

A woman who went to Dr. Stanley for an arm lift said his procedure left her with “horrible” scarring. Image via KTEV.

“I have painful scarring around my sides for the rest of my life, my arm’s going to be numb for the rest of my life, and there’s nothing that can be fixed about that,” said Nichole Dyer, one of the plaintiffs. “I can’t do anything but cry.

“What can you do?” she asked.

An investigation by 3 News Now showed that Dr. Stanley had misrepresented himself.

While Stanley is a licensed physician, he’s only board-certified to practice family medicine – he’s never undergone surgical training or completed any sort of surgery residency.

“To even know that he’s still practicing on people now like [sic] he’s still cutting people up probably right now as we speak,” said Roberta Brown-Tipler, another plaintiff.

Some of Stanley’s other alleged victims aren’t sure if they have the nerve to go back under the knife and have their freshly-carved deformities corrected.

“I can be fixed but I am terrified. I’ve already been told by a doctor I could’ve died on his table on his time,” said another of the plaintiffs, who was not named by 3 News Now.

Stanley’s attorney, Tom Shoemaker, released a statement in defense of his client and seemingly implied that the accusations arise from some sort of conspiracy masterminded by a disgruntled former employee.

“Dr. Gerard Stanley, Jr., is a qualified cosmetic surgeon, and he provided proper medical care to each of these patients. The claims against him arise out of the actions of a disgruntled employee who was fired from Dr. Stanley’s business. We feel that the District Court is the proper forum to adjudicate these matters, and these meritless claims will be totally rejected, and Dr. Stanley will be totally vindicated,” said Shoemaker.

The portion of the statement provided by 3 News did not provide any explanation as to how or why one of Dr. Stanley’s former employees could have been responsible for numerous botched operations without the physician himself noticing.


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