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Need Help Finding Irvine Accident Lawyers? This Might Help!

— December 22, 2021

Most accident cases don’t go to court. You don’t want to waste time with a lengthy trial, nor does your lawyer.

Car crashes account for the majority of cases accident lawyers have to deal with, but slip and falls, medical malpractice or nursing home abuse can also cause significant life-changing injuries. Tens of thousands of people are hurt in various types of accidents in California each year. If you’re in Orange County, you should contact experienced Irvine accident lawyers to fight for your rights.

No matter what type of accident you’re in, the cause is usually the same and it’s called negligence. If a driver causes an accident because they were busy texting, that’s negligence. If your grandpa slips and falls on the icy steps of his corner store, the business owner is guilty of negligence. The same goes if your grandma suffers horrible injuries in her nursing home because the staff couldn’t be bothered to check on those bedsores. Whenever you’re dealing with an accident caused by negligence, you should get in touch with the best personal injury lawyers you can find. 

How can a lawyer help you? First of all, they can offer advice as they have a deep understanding of how the system works and what laws apply to your case. Then, there are procedures you need to follow if you want to make a successful claim.

Let’s take car accidents, for instance. In California, there’s the comparative negligence rule. If you are found partially to blame for the crash, your compensation will be reduced even if the other driver was blind drunk and slammed into you. Maybe you were putting down the phone at the moment of the accident. They will claim you were distracted, even though you being on the phone had nothing to do with the crash and there was nothing you could have done to avoid it. Your responsibility might be estimated at 10%, and your compensation will be reduced accordingly. This is where the advice of seasoned accident lawyers can make all the difference.

Dept. of Defense Sends Medical Teams to Minnesota
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Most accident cases don’t go to court. You don’t want to waste time with a lengthy trial, nor does your lawyer. They can help you by sending demand letters to your insurance or the guilty party and the problem will be solved through negotiation. 

California accident lawyers with many years of practice in this field can offer valuable advice when it comes to determining the amount of damages you should ask for. The value of the damages depends on the severity of your injury. If you see on the news that someone got a seven-figure settlement that doesn’t mean you’ll get just as much. 

The medical expenses your injury incurred are the most important factor in calculating damages, so make sure to keep track of all your medical bills, including the medications. You can also get compensated for the expenses with your rehabilitation, and maybe even the cost of your trips to various doctors.

At the same time, you must be compensated for lost wages, both past and future. You don’t know if you’ll be able to resume your work. Last, but not least, you deserve damages for all the pain and suffering you’ve been through.  

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