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New Jersey Nursing Home Hit with Wrongful Death Suit Alleging Negligence

— January 15, 2020

Cumberland Manor was recently hit with a wrongful death lawsuit alleging it was negligent in the death of former resident, Fred Pittman.

The Cumberland Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center is under fire in a lawsuit filed by the family of a former resident, Fred Pittman. According to the suit, Pittman’s death was caused by the facility’s negligence. Specifically, the lawsuit alleges a “staff member at the facility performed a simulated lap dance on the 84-year-old man.” Additionally, staffers allegedly “failed to prevent and treat injuries, manage pain, comply with physician orders and provide adequate food and hydration,” according to the suit that was filed in state Superior Court.

Elderly Man Sitting in a Nursing Home
Elderly Man Sitting in a Nursing Home; image courtesy of Thomas Bjørkan via Wikimedia Commons,

When commenting on the matter, facility administrator Steve Brodt said:

 “The complaints of this particular family have been investigated by regulators and found to be unsubstantiated. We will defend any litigation as appropriate…”

Brodt’s statement hasn’t stopped Pittman’s family from seeking justice. In their suit, the family alleges that before his death, Pittman suffered from “malnutrition, dehydration, sepsis, bedsores and weight loss.” The family’s attorney, David R. Cohen, also chimed in and said, “His medical condition degraded quite rapidly within that building.” In fact, shortly before he passed away his condition deteriorated so badly that he was transferred to a hospital for treatment. As part of the suit, Pittman’s family “sought copies of medical charts, nursing records, nurse aides’ records and incident reports related to Pittman’s stay at Cumberland Manor.” The evidence gathered was enough for the family to accuse staff members of the Cumberland Manor Nursing and Rehabilitation Center “of abusing Pittman by allowing a staff member to sit on decedent’s lap (and/or knee) and performing a simulated lap-dance, and/or acted in such a fashion to otherwise embarrass and humiliate decedent.” Cohen said:

 “The state did not substantiate the complaint…The family is very firm in their belief that it did in fact happen. It’s depraved if it did happen.”

Cohen also noted that Cumberland Manor and other nursing homes receive taxpayer dollars to properly care for elderly residents. He said:

Their whole job is to take care of people who cannot take care of themselves. They’re supposed to keep people safe and keep people fed and hydrated. And they get paid a ton of money to do that.”

As part of the lawsuit, Pittman’s family is seeking punitive and compensatory damages from Cumberland Manor. Cohen also noted that the family hopes the lawsuit will help “save others from similar situations and make nursing homes accountable.” He added:

It’s important for people to understand that people in nursing homes have rights and New Jersey has a wonderful set of laws that enable people like Mr. Pittman and his estate to pursue their rights.”


Nursing home worker performed ‘simulated lap dance’ on 84-year-old, family says in wrongful death suit

Wrongful death lawsuit claims nursing home worker performed ‘simulated lap dance’ on 84-year-old

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