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New Mystery Fiction Novel Blends Love and Violence Under the Vancouver Skies

— November 16, 2022

Former prosecutor and criminologist Steve Hamilton debuts with a legal thriller.

Canadian author, Steve Hamilton, uses his 30 years of professional legal experience and imagination to pull back the curtain of the justice system and place the focus on the people that work in it, in his new book “A Scandal of the Particular”.

Told in the present tense and set in gloomy downtown Vancouver, a lawyer named Hyman Kazan is struggling with his career and personal life. Riddled with both alcoholism and regrets, his world only gets worse when the dead body of a young man from Scotland is found to have overdosed on drugs.

This young man ties into Kazan’s crumbling world when he finds out that there was a love triangle between the deceased, Kazan’s girlfriend and a big-time city judge. This love triangle leads Kazan down a path where he must explore all perspectives to unravel the truth.

A Scandal of the Particular book cover courtesy of Steve Hamilton.
A Scandal of the Particular book cover courtesy of Steve Hamilton.

Hamilton’s extensive experience in the criminal justice system as a prosecutor and criminologist has given him a unique insight into the criminal mind, as well as the underbelly of the criminal justice system.

“I want the book to provide a discussion of the many questions raised by our justice system,” Hamilton said. “What is justice? What matters? Why should victims go on? My novel takes a closer examination of the players, the judges, lawyers, victims and their overlapping roles.”

“A Scandal of the Particular” By Steve Hamilton
ISBN: 9781663240057 (softcover); 9781663240071 (hardcover); 9781663240064 (electronic) Available at iUniverse, Amazon and Barnes & Noble

About the author:
Steve Hamilton is a former prosecutor and criminologist of 30 years and a member of the Bar of the Law Society in Upper Canada. He attended school atLLB University of Windsor, Criminology-Simon Fraser University Burnaby, British Columbia. His newest novel presents the unusual scenes behind lawyers and judges and takes the reader inside the arresting forces of the criminal justice system. Behind every crime exists a cast of characters waiting to be discovered and exposed. To learn more, please visit

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