War Crimes Case Planned Against U.S.

“A coalition of lawyers and human rights groups yesterday unveiled a bid to use the UN’s new International Criminal Court as a tool to restrain American military power. In a move Washington said vindicated U.S. claims that the court would be used for political purposes, the rights activists are working to compile war crimes cases against the United States and its chief ally in Iraq, Britain,” the Canadian National Post reports here.

Justice Breyer Says Detainees Can Ask Courts For Help

Breyer delivered the prepared remarks in an address to the Association of the Bar of the City of New York. Among other things, he said: “If ‘the government claims that the court lacks jurisdiction to decide a particular matter, the court, not the government, will decide if that is so, with the result in a lower court being subject to appeal,’ eventually all the way to the Supreme Court,” UPI reports here.

Oakland Raiders Case Takes the Field

“The $1 billion battle over the Raiders’ return to Oakland began with a pun and ended with a fumble Monday as powerhouse attorneys squared off in front of jurors for the first time,” law.com reports here.

Gay Partner May Pursue Wrongful Death as Spouse

“In a case of first impression, a judge has ruled that the same-sex partner of an attorney who died after being struck by a hit-and-run driver may pursue a wrongful death action against a local hospital as a spouse under Vermont law,” the New York Law Journal reports here.