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Nursing Home Abuse Can Adversely Affect Physical and Mental Health

— October 13, 2022

The federal law states that all the nursing homes should be secure and promote the rights of all the residents.

The older adults usually spend their life post-retirement in nursing homes. It is here that they anticipate relaxation and rest. The nursing homes must be a place of security for the elders. However, today, there are several cases where the nursing homes end up abusing and disrespecting elderly residents. The acts of elder abuse can include dangerously restraining the elderly, physical violence, and stealing from the residents. 

Did your loved one get affected by an act of nursing home abuse?

Any person who got affected by nursing home abuse will know that it can turn out to be a stressful and pathetic experience. It doesn’t matter that the injury got caused by negligent medical treatment, neglect, or abusive caregivers; you have all the right to take the correct legal action against a company, entity or person accountable for it. The people contributing to nursing home abuse can comprise the nursing home staff, healthcare workers, insurance companies, nursing home administration, large corporations, caregivers and government agencies. 

Understanding nursing home abuse

The federal law states that all the nursing homes should be secure and promote the rights of all the residents. If there is a violation in all the rights, it can result in a nursing home abuse. A few of the common abuses stem from the following:

Image of an elderly woman
Image of an elderly woman; image courtesy of geralt via Pixabay,
  • An absence of respect – The elderly must get treated using respect and dignity. They need to get allowed for coming up with their own time-table. That aside, they must decide on the activities that they wish to do, and the time they intend to sleep. 
  • Restraints – No elderly person should get restrained medically or physically, making use of the drugs as a means of punishment. Neither should it be given to the elderly based on their whim and convenience. 
  • The abuse – It is necessary for the elderly to stay completely clear from sexual, physical and verbal abuse. At times, the nursing home staff is found guilty of the same. Any form of economic abuse might be applicable to the person’s property or finances. 
  • The fear – It is essential for nursing home companies to enable to voice their feels and complaints without feeling doubtful. They shouldn’t have the fear of getting punished. 

The way a nursing home abuse lawyer helps

Have you or anyone you are aware of suffered nursing home abuse? In that case, it is essential to get speaking to a lawyer who can look at the case and assess the same for you. To know more about this, you can check out NPS Law. An able lawyer will ensure that all the legal rights for the elderly person get secured and analyzed. They can also highlight all that you might expect during the case. 

When you join hands with an expert lawyer, they will take the necessary action, such as interviewing the witnesses, conferring with the expert consultants, researching on the law, collecting evidence, planning the best legal strategy and getting into a negotiation with the opposing counsel and insurers. All these get done to enhance your position and make sure that you have a fair recovery. 

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