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Oregon Cannabis Recalled Due to Pesticide Contamination

— January 13, 2021

The Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) is recalling certain cannabis products that may be contaminated with Abamectin.

Earlier this week, the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) issued a recall for certain cannabis products that may be contaminated with pesticides. The recall comes on the heels of a report to the OLCC back on December 29, 2020 “that an extract failed its pesticide test.” Specifically, it was contaminated with the analyte, Abamectin.

Cannabis; Photo by Richard T on Unsplash,

Abamectin is a “general use pesticide with a toxicity class IV, or ‘practically nontoxic.’” Typically, it is used as an insecticide to ward off mites and other pests.

According to the notice, “the cannabis was initially transferred into the state’s adult-use system by a medical cannabis grower.” From there, it was “mixed with other flowers for extraction purposes and products like pre-rolls.” In Oregon, medical growers are permitted to sell up to 20 pounds of cannabis each year into the adult-use market.

The notice further states that Ecotest “gave the hot batch the green light for sale in March 2020, allowing it to make its way into other products.” In September 2020, Ecotest had its laboratory license revoked for many violations. Fortunately, “none of the contaminated extracts that failed tests in December made its way onto store shelves.”

The recalled products include the following:

Emerald Extracts Purple Slurry

  • Manufactured by Emerald Treasure LLC (030-1008341A083)
  • Label Id = 2805
  • Made on 9/9/20
  • Tested by MW Labs (010-1008606C050) on 9/14/2020

Cannabis Flower Pre-rolls

  • Strains of “Qurkle,” “BP Oil Slick,” or “Green Crush”
  • Tested by Ecotest (010-1008170B3B6) on 3/12/2020
  • Sold from Bernie’s Universal Dispensaries in South Beach, OR


Pesticide Triggers Oregon Cannabis Product Recall

OLCC recalls marijuana products contaminated by pesticide

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