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Starting from Zero – Guide to Owning Your First Business

— October 30, 2018

One of the most powerful ways for us to take control of our lives is to start a business, a large task with potentially great rewards.

One of the most powerful ways for us to take control of our lives is to start a business, a large task with potentially great rewards. At first, it has to be something we will work on the side, along with our current methods of acquiring income. We all know that certain someone who told you they had an amazing business idea, yet they did not act on it. Most of the time, the excuse is financial in nature. “If I just had the money to start my business with” is usually the way it goes. If those people are still in your network circle, do not allow them to demotivate you from making your move. And, if the person holding you back is actually you, do not worry. Starting a business has never been simpler, or less expensive. Yes, it will require a lot of work, knowledge, discipline, and consistency, and will not happen overnight. Let’s go over some guidelines on how to get things going with minimal investment and maximum effort.

Ideas and Passions

Everyone has an idea or two that they could build a business around. So, how do we come up with one? Sometimes, they come to us on their own, scattered thinly during our lifetimes. They tend to stick in the back of our mind, constantly prompting the questions “what if?” and “could I?”. But most of the time, we have to think really hard about it. It is somewhere in between what we are passionate, knowledgeable, and experienced about. Mind that passion, it may not be enough to form a successful business around, and there is a good reason why. Your particular passion may not be the thing people are that interested in. Or maybe, the market is already heavily saturated in that area of industry. But, if you can mix your passion with something people can actually use and procure from you, you are golden. Something like that is surely a perfect combination.

Hand with lightbulb floating above the palm against a dark background; image by Rohan Makhecha, via
Hand with lightbulb floating above the palm against a dark background; image by Rohan Makhecha, via

Finding Customers

Like all things in this endeavor, finding interested and paying customers will take time and effort. For starters, try reaching out to friends and family. They are the ones who trust you the most and will be willing to help the best they can. Remember, you are not trying to sell anything yet, you just want to find potential customer feedback before committing. Search online for anything related to your idea. There are surely some people talking about your desired field. That is, unless, you are creating something absolutely unique that has never been done before. If that is the case, mind that it is never advisable to have something like that for your first business. Good, old competition is a good thing for your customers and for you, also. The reason is that the market is already present for your product or service. There are already plenty of people who have been purchasing it. It is your responsibility to put a personal touch, a twist, on it; some kind of added value over the competition. It could be a more affordable product or improved customer service, something to distinguish you from the competition.

Think Small, but with Quality

You do not initially need funding for your first business. Or any business, if you build a prototype or a simple version of your product or service to showcase. Only when you have a confirmed necessary number of customers should you consider doing mass production. And, we will see how to do that in a moment. In order to come through with your idea, in today’s economy, a loan is a must at some point. And, that is where your incredible prototype comes into play. The more your business looks promising, the better personal loan quotes you will get. Use consistent emailing lists combined with the ability to offer added value. Providing a consistent content flow of this information will build trust and strong relationships with the recipients. In return, listen to your customers and take feedback from your critics. Be open to making changes to improve upon your idea. This is especially important to do before you go into mass production. Perfect upon your idea before seriously committing and taking important steps, like loans for example. Start now, improve and expand as you go.

Care About Your Business Process

It should go without saying, but if you do not care about the business, your customers certainly will not. This applies to all aspects of doing business. From innovation, manufacturing, and feedback, to customer support and relations, all of it needs to have a human face. It will require constant investment, not only in a financial sense, but effort, learning, and determination. Also, invest in yourself as you are an integral part of your business and idea. Expand your knowledge and horizons for future endeavors. Maybe you would like to eventually expand the portfolio or go to the international market with your idea. Start gathering all the necessary information on how to make those situations happen, now. When our business is in its infancy, it is up to us to make everything happen. So, do all you can to make your associates, customers, and yourself happy, and your business healthy.

Depending on the type of industry that we have chosen for ourselves, different challenges will be set before us. All businesses will struggle at some point in their lifetimes. And, if we are starting from zero, we have our work cut out for us. It will take time, effort, dedication, and discipline, but it is absolutely possible to make it happen. In today’s world of information, we have an unprecedented number of opportunities to make anything happen. The knowledge we need is always but a click away. It all comes down to the common denominator of how much work we are willing to put into it. Building a successful business with investors is hard enough. With these guidelines, it has never been easier to build something of your own from the ground-up.

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