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Parking Lot Accident Laws

— May 18, 2020

Tens of thousands of accidents happen in parking lots each year. Those numbers only increase during the peak shopping days that the holidays bring.

A driver exits a grocery store and hurries to their car as their bag of frozen goods begins to melt in the sun. In an effort to keep up with their schedule, they pull out of the parking lot and ram right into your car, injuring you and smashing your vehicle in the process. You are left with pain, medical bills, and a lot of time missed from work. 

You should call your insurance company as soon as possible, but before you accept an offer, you should contact a personal injury attorney. It also helps to know a bit about parking lot accident laws in California.

The basic rules of driving also apply to parking lot and garage driving. You must stay in your lane, obey speed limits, and stop for stop signs and lights. You must also look both ways and check your rearview mirrors.

If a person is injured in an accident in a parking lot due to the negligence of a business owner, that business owner may be liable for the accident victim’s bills. If the business failed to maintain its grounds properly, or if there was a hazardous situation that caused the accident, the victim may be able to win money in a lawsuit.

Accident Statistics

Tens of thousands of accidents happen in parking lots each year. Those numbers only increase during the peak shopping days that the holidays bring. A good number of people have used their phones when in parking lots. Distracted driving has been the cause of many a parking lot accident, but people continue to text and post on social media when they drive. They also make and watch videos and even download apps as they navigate the tight corners and crowded driving lanes in parking lots.

Image of a parking lot
Parking lot; image courtesy of harutmovsisyan via Pixabay,

A good number of parking lot accidents involve cars backing into pedestrians. However, the majority of deaths in parking lot accidents are caused by falling. Potholes and dim lighting are common in parking lots and many garages are also poorly maintained. Elderly and physically challenged people have a particularly hard time navigating their way through parking lots and it is always a good idea to accompany older relatives on shopping trips. 

Pedestrians can also fall victim to reckless drivers and accidents that are related to robbery and drunk driving. 

Parking Lot Safety Tips

When you are in a garage or lot, it is always a good idea to pick a well-lit spot near a store’s door and lock your doors and windows. Never cut across a lane and stay in your own lane whether you are driving or walking. Obey stop signs and look over your shoulder and in your rearview mirror when you are driving. If you are walking, pay attention to what drivers are doing as you make your way through the lot.

Finding an Attorney

If you have been injured in an accident, you should not have to deal with the insurance company by yourself. A trained attorney will be able to negotiate with an insurance company on your behalf. They will be well versed in California law and have a great reputation with the state bar. They will have a team of legal professionals who are committed to your case. For more information visit

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