Feel Good Friday: Michigan Firm Making Giving Back a Priority

“Our attorneys have been protecting people seriously injured in automobile accidents throughout Michigan for more than 50 years. It’s also our mission to help those in need, to give back to our communities, and to help make Michigan a better and safer place.” This is from the website of Michigan Auto Law, a Michigan firm making giving back a priority, which is why they’re featured in this week’s Feel Good Friday post.

Feel Good Friday: Michigan Firm Making New Year’s Eve Safe

This week’s Feel Good Friday is all about a Michigan Firm making New Year’s Eve safe for those out celebrating. The “Safe Ride Home” project is being sponsored by Southfield-based Christensen Law and Dave Christensen, the firm’s founder. “Safe Ride Home” is a program designed to get New Year’s Eve partiers home safely if they’ve had too much to drink. The goal is to eliminate, or at least reduce, incidences of drunk driving this weekend.

Feel Good Friday: Local Law Firm Helps Santa

This is a wonderful time of the year, full of family and friends, celebrations of faith and celebrations in general. It’s especially magical for our children. However, in today’s tough economy, not every family has the means to make this holiday magical. In this week’s Feel Good Friday: local law firm helps Santa; Blue Santa, to be exact.

Feel Good Friday: Highlighting the Pound Civil Justice Institute

This week’s Feel Good Friday is a bit different than most. Usually, I highlight a lawyer or a law firm that does good works in the general communities in which they live and work. This week, I’m highlighting an organization that does good work within the legal community (which then benefits the people helped by the lawyers and firms I usually highlight. So let’s get going, shall we? This Feel Good Friday, I’m highlighting the Pound Civil Justice Institute.

Feel Good Friday: Trial Lawyers Care Saving Lives

This particular Feel Good Friday is a special one. Even though the 15th anniversary of 9/11 was yesterday, something incredible was born from that tragedy that is still a force for good today. That something is the American Association for Justice’s (AAJ) Trial Lawyers Care (TLC) program. The original purpose of TLC was giving free legal help to 9/11 survivors. TLC hasn’t stopped helping better the communities in which its members work and live. This Feel Good Friday (on a Monday) is about Trial Lawyers Care saving lives by working to end distracted driving-related deaths.

Feel Good Friday: Showing Los Angeles Some Love with Food

Welcome to Feel Good Friday! This feature has been on a short hiatus while I tended to other matters, but should now be back every week. Feel Good Friday is the way LegalReader spotlights good news about lawyers giving back to the community beyond just providing legal services. This week, we’ll look at how the American Association for Justice was showing Los Angeles some love with food!

Feel Good Friday: Good News Food Pantry Update

Back on June 3, we started “Feel Good Friday” as a means of showcasing attorneys and thosein the legal profession doing good things in their communities. It was also intended to be a bit of a pressure release, as so much legal news can be hard on the heart to read (and write, sometimes!). One of our first pieces involved the Good News Food Pantry (GNFP), the wonderful work it does in Jennings, Missouri and the fact that it needed some help. Part of that help came in the form of lawyers, members of the Minority Law Caucus (MC) and the New Lawyers Division (NLD) of the American Association for Justice (AAJ). Part came from the generosity of a local Austin law firm and part came from our readers. Here then, is a Good News Food Pantry update for today’s Feel Good Friday.

Feel Good Friday: Looking for Bike-friendly Lawyers? Here They Are!

In today’s world, you know you can rely on yourself. That’s especially true when it comes to safely hitting the roads. As they say, “It’s the other drivers you can’t trust.” What do you do when you’re injured on the road? Call your insurance company and get a lawyer. When bikers are injured though, they often face a “double-whammy”: they’re injured and sometimes their lawyers don’t grasp their needs. Today’s Feel Good Friday is about a local Texas firm that just happens to understand our friends on two wheels because one of its lawyers used to be a biker. Are you looking for bike-friendly lawyers? Here they are!