Feel Good Friday: Good News Food Pantry Update

Back on June 3, we started “Feel Good Friday” as a means of showcasing attorneys and thosein the legal profession doing good things in their communities. It was also intended to be a bit of a pressure release, as so much legal news can be hard on the heart to read (and write, sometimes!). One of our first pieces involved the Good News Food Pantry (GNFP), the wonderful work it does in Jennings, Missouri and the fact that it needed some help. Part of that help came in the form of lawyers, members of the Minority Law Caucus (MC) and the New Lawyers Division (NLD) of the American Association for Justice (AAJ). Part came from the generosity of a local Austin law firm and part came from our readers. Here then, is a Good News Food Pantry update for today’s Feel Good Friday.

Feel Good Friday: Looking for Bike-friendly Lawyers? Here They Are!

In today’s world, you know you can rely on yourself. That’s especially true when it comes to safely hitting the roads. As they say, “It’s the other drivers you can’t trust.” What do you do when you’re injured on the road? Call your insurance company and get a lawyer. When bikers are injured though, they often face a “double-whammy”: they’re injured and sometimes their lawyers don’t grasp their needs. Today’s Feel Good Friday is about a local Texas firm that just happens to understand our friends on two wheels because one of its lawyers used to be a biker. Are you looking for bike-friendly lawyers? Here they are!

Feel Good Friday: One Ham Sandwich at a Time

There’s an old story about a young girl walking along a beach with her grandfather at low tide. The beach is covered with stranded starfish and, as the pair walks along, the girl picks up starfish and tosses them back into the ocean. After a time, her grandfather comments, “You know you can’t save them all. Why even try?” The girl, holding a starfish, answers, “I know. I do it because I can at least save this one,” and she returns the stranded creature to the water. Today’s Feel Good Friday isn’t about starfish; it’s about Leawood, Kansas law firm, Bartimus, Frickleton, Robertson & Goza and their efforts at giving back to their community one ham sandwich at a time.

Feel Good Friday: Help the Good News Food Pantry

We’re starting a new feature here at LegalRead.com: Feel Good Friday. So often, the news we report is, well, not “feel good.” Such is the nature of legal issues; sure, we get to report on victories for justice but we also report on a lot of sad issues. Our first Feel Good Friday piece was on a local attorney in Pflugerville, Texas dedicated to giving back to his community via his work on the board of the Pflugerville Education Foundation. Then, just as I was set to cover something else, this story crossed my desk. It’s a heart warmer if ever there was one. So, I’m adding a second Feel Good Friday piece today. Let’s help the Good News Food Pantry.