Feel Good Friday: The Trevor Project

This week’s Feel Good Friday hits close to home for this writer. It takes a look at a serious issue and one man’s efforts to help. I’m speaking specifically about the high rate of suicide among the nation’s LGBTQ youth, the Trevor Project, an organization dedicated to helping these young people, and Jonathan Foulk, one of the workers at the Project.

Feel Good Friday: Furries, Veterans and a Dog Named Link

What exactly do furries, veterans, and a dog named Link have in common? They’re all part of this week’s Feel Good Friday, one of the neatest pieces I think I’ve ever had the pleasure of writing. It’s the perfect story of the great things that can happen when we put aside perceived differences and work together for the greater good. And, it’s just a really fun, heartwarming story!

Feel Good Friday: Help with Epi-Pen Prices

This week’s Feel Good Friday is brought to you by corporate greed and those of us who despise it. Unlike the usual Feel Good Friday article, this post doesn’t highlight an individual lawyer, a law firm, or a legal organization. This one is more of a public service piece suggested to me by a very

Feel Good Friday: Changing Lives One Play at a Time

This week’s Feel Good Friday is unique in that it covers two states and several years. The power we have to impact the lives of others should never be underestimated. There are countless memes floating around about how sharing a smile or a positive word can have a lasting impact on the recipient. Do you ever wonder at how that smile or word affected the one to whom you gave it? Most of the time, we never know. That’s why this Feel Good Friday is so unique. We get to see how the efforts of two men from California – now working together at a Texas law firm – impacted a number of young lives, one in particular. This week’s Feel Good Friday is all about changing lives one play at time. Football plays that is (sorry, Shakespeare fans).

Feel Good Friday: Michigan Firm Making Giving Back a Priority

“Our attorneys have been protecting people seriously injured in automobile accidents throughout Michigan for more than 50 years. It’s also our mission to help those in need, to give back to our communities, and to help make Michigan a better and safer place.” This is from the website of Michigan Auto Law, a Michigan firm making giving back a priority, which is why they’re featured in this week’s Feel Good Friday post.

Feel Good Friday: Michigan Firm Making New Year’s Eve Safe

This week’s Feel Good Friday is all about a Michigan Firm making New Year’s Eve safe for those out celebrating. The “Safe Ride Home” project is being sponsored by Southfield-based Christensen Law and Dave Christensen, the firm’s founder. “Safe Ride Home” is a program designed to get New Year’s Eve partiers home safely if they’ve had too much to drink. The goal is to eliminate, or at least reduce, incidences of drunk driving this weekend.

Feel Good Friday: Local Law Firm Helps Santa

This is a wonderful time of the year, full of family and friends, celebrations of faith and celebrations in general. It’s especially magical for our children. However, in today’s tough economy, not every family has the means to make this holiday magical. In this week’s Feel Good Friday: local law firm helps Santa; Blue Santa, to be exact.

Feel Good Friday: Highlighting the Pound Civil Justice Institute

This week’s Feel Good Friday is a bit different than most. Usually, I highlight a lawyer or a law firm that does good works in the general communities in which they live and work. This week, I’m highlighting an organization that does good work within the legal community (which then benefits the people helped by the lawyers and firms I usually highlight. So let’s get going, shall we? This Feel Good Friday, I’m highlighting the Pound Civil Justice Institute.