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Preventing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace in Shreveport, LA

— December 16, 2021

Employers should also train their HR team or management on how to conduct a thorough investigation when such cases arise.

Employers have a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, and if they fail to live up to the legal expectation laid out for them, they can get in serious trouble for their actions, or their lack of action. The duty of an employer includes keeping the work environment safe for their employees and this is not only limited to keeping the area clean and hygienic. 

Anyone who owns a company and has people working under them has to ensure they do everything in their power to also keep their workers safe from psychological and emotional harm, as well as make sure no one is physically abusing the other. There are several laws that mandate that employers must specifically ensure no sexual harassment is occurring, and that they are taking every measure required to keep everyone safe without delays. 

One of the best ways sexual harassment can be prevented is through the execution of training programs for all employees and supervisors. These training programs would educate everyone on the illegal nature of the act and the psychological repercussions the victim faces. They should also make it clear then there is a no tolerance policy and penalization will take place for anyone who conducts such behavior. The complaint process should also be clearly outlined in the training so if an employee needs help, they know exactly where to turn.

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Employers should also train their HR team or management on how to conduct a thorough investigation when such cases arise. Every employer must take every claim seriously and there should be no lashing out against the victim even if they come forward without significant evidence. 

What a sexual harassment lawyer will do in Shreveport, LA

Though the company is required to take all these measures, and it is in their best interest to do so, this doesn’t always end up happening. When a victim makes a complaint and does not get a proper response, or they get in trouble instead, they need to connect with a lawyer who is well versed in dealing with cases regarding sexual harassment. An attorney can assist them with their claim and can tell them exactly what steps they need to take so they remain protected against the abuser and the company at the same time.

It can be very scary to take action and speak out against abuse, but in order for a person to stay safe and protect their wellbeing and their rights, they will have to take a stand no matter how difficult it feels. Connect with a sexual harassment attorney today to get assistance filing a legal claim for a case of workplace harassment.

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