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Pros and Cons of Surveillance

— December 3, 2019

Surveillance cameras have become much more commonplace in recent times. But, are they worth it? They can help solve crimes, despite not actually being able to prevent them.

The increase in criminal activities has led to the enactment of several laws that affect all citizens. One of the rules that many people are worried about is the surveillance law. Due to many terrorist activities in major European countries, this law has become highly debated.

In some way, it has helped to catch the criminals in society, but it doesn’t provide privacy. Many people are complaining. That in mind, if you are a student researching this topic, you can get assistance from So, in this article, I will inform you about the pros and cons of surveillance.

Pros of the Surveillance

Improves Safety

With events like the shootings in Texas, the Boston bombing, and other criminal activities in major European cities, surveillance cameras are essential. Currently, they provide a sense of safety. Before this law, many people would not know what will happen next. Let’s say a gunman appears and fires randomly. It would be a hard task identifying the gunman, but with this law, it may be easier to locate a criminal before they cause any further harm to the public.

Collects Information

Surveillance cameras are the best to collect information 24/7. The police might not be at a crime scene on time, but they can get the evidence from the installed cameras. In most cases, they are put in strategic points for excellent monitoring.

They not only collect video evidence but also audio. So, be it that you are were verbally abused, the camera will come in handy. Also, it is useful in courtrooms to enable witnesses to remember what happened. Therefore, as they may seem, they help both currently and in the future.

White wall with “Who Is Watching?” written in black electrical tape; image by Claudio Schwarz, via
White wall with “Who Is Watching?” written in black electrical tape; image by Claudio Schwarz, via

Settle Disputes

Let us say that you and your fellow workers were arguing about a specific issue. In that process, a fight broke out. That means you will have to face the disciplinary committee of your organization. If there was no surveillance camera, you might not receive a fair judgment, but if it were present, justice would be served accordingly.

Reduction of Crime

Is the crime rate in your neighborhood high, then you need to follow the example of the surveillance law? To curb high crime rates in your area, you need to install several public surveillance cameras. If you research areas where cameras were installed a while ago, you will notice that crime levels are low.

Cons of the Surveillance


To install public surveillance cameras in your city, it will cost millions of dollars. You cannot use low-quality cameras; you need high-quality cameras with both video and audio capability. More so, ones that can facilitate facial recognition.

Unable to Prevent Crime

Let’s say a crime is taking place, and there are no police officers nearby. However, the cameras are working accordingly. Will that prevent that crime from taking place? No, in as much as they are essential for future reference to the crime, they cannot actually prevent a theft.


Know-how about surveillance cameras is vital. It will enable you to make the best decisions before installing them.

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