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Reasons the Length of a Marriage Matters During a Divorce in Fort Lauderdale

— August 16, 2022

It is less likely that alimony will be an issue in a short term marriage.  

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Many people in Florida and other states view divorce cases as an expensive, drawn out, and stressful process. This is true for some couples. However, in most situations a couple who has been married for a short period of time has the ability to end their divorce case and move on with their lives much more quickly than those who were together for decades. It is also possible for any couple to reach a divorce settlement that addresses property division and custody issues without court hearings. This will minimize the duration of the case and legal fees when a settlement is reached.  

Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyers can provide advice that is specific to any case and answer specific questions. 

Short term marriages

Florida law has defined short term marriages as those that last less than seven years. If the couple wants to get through their divorce quickly, it may be possible to get through a settlement and end the marriage in several months with the help of Fort Lauderdale divorce lawyers. 

While a judge always has the authority to grant alimony based on the financial and living situation of the spouse requesting it, it is less likely that alimony will be an issue in a short term marriage.  

Longer duration marriages

Graphic of family photo torn in two, mom and son on one side, dad and daughter on the other; graphic by Tumisu, via
Graphic by Tumisu, via

State law also details what happens when a divorce is started for marriages that last longer than seven years. Moderate length marriages are those that lasted between seven and seventeen years, and long term marriages are defined as those that existed for more than seventeen years. As a general rule, property division can take much more time when the couple was together for several years or decades. This is because the couple will be more likely to have shared property interests, intertwined finances, investments together, or run a business.

If the couple has minor children when the divorce happens, custody issues will need to be addressed as well before the judge can order the final dissolution of marriage. The parents will need to work with the judge to create a parenting plan that meets the best interests of the child. 

Divorce lawyers in Florida

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