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Recall Alert: Your Kool-Aid May Contain Metal, Glass Pieces

— November 18, 2021

Costco is recalling certain packages of Kool-Aid punch that may contain pieces of glass or metal.

Costco recently issued a recall for certain Kool-Aid drink products over concerns it may contain small shards of glass and metal. The recall includes “Kool-Aid’s Tropical Punch Mix in an 82.5 oz. container.” The Best-by dates are August 31, 2023, and September 1, 2023. The Best-by dates are printed on the bottom of the container.

Glass pieces
Glass pieces; image courtesy of marcelabr via Pixabay,

According to the notice, the materials “may have been accidentally introduced to the product during the manufacturing process.”

In addition to Costco, Stater Bros in Southern California is also recalling the Kool-Aid punch, though it was sold in an 8-quart container there. When commenting on the recall, Stater Bros. said:

“The company discovered the issue during an internal review at the manufacturing facility…There have been no consumer complaints and no reports of illness or injury related to this issue to date.”

For now, customers should either throw away the Kool-Aid or return it to Costco for a refund. If you have additional questions or concerns about the recall, contact Kraft Heinz, the manufacturer of the Kool-Aid, at (855) 713-9237.


Costco recalls drink that may contain metal or glass

Kool-Aid recall at Costco: Small pieces of metal or glass found in drink mix

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