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Research Shows Health Supplement Sales are on the Rise

— December 26, 2023

Brain health supplements are on the rise, but healthcare experts warn most don’t help.

Anyone who pays close attention to markets and growing businesses would have noticed that brain health supplement sales have reached dramatic new heights in recent years. Not only are these products selling faster than ever before, but the forecasting in this space is for those sales to grow even further in the years ahead. So, the obvious question in light of such growth is what is driving the new interest in these kinds of supplements?

While there is no guarantee that the growth of these supplement sales will continue into the future, it does seem likely based on current trends and the momentum – and money – that are behind the products.

When looking for a fundamental reason that brain health supplements have become so popular, it seems likely that general customer awareness about brain health and the issues that can stem from cognitive problems are leading the charge. As more and more people understand how the brain can degrade over time, they are likely to look for potential answers and treatments – and supplements often come up near the top of the list.

Research Shows Health Supplement Sales are on the Rise
Photo by Robina Weermeijer on Unsplash

Unfortunately, there is also plenty of confusion among the general public about what these supplements actually are, and what they do. These aren’t medications that are prescribed by doctors, after all – they are available over the counter and it’s up to the individual to decide whether or not they want to add one of these supplements to their routine. That means the consumer is likely to be heavily influenced by things like branding and promotions – something as simple as a celebrity in an add might be enough to generate a sale and start to build some brand loyalty.

A more reasonable approach to the use of brain supplements will likely stem from individual consumers getting help from their healthcare professional. What ingredients should they be looking for? What’s worthwhile and what is just a waste of money? These answers can be hard to find when wading through the depths of marketing materials, so it’s helpful to work directly with a doctor.

One other issue is the questionable effectiveness of brain supplements in general. Does taking these supplements provide anything that an individual wouldn’t be able to get through a balanced diet and overall healthy lifestyle? At this point, there is not much in the way of scientific backing to support the use of brain supplements. It’s possible that supportive science will be forthcoming, but it is largely lacking currently.

Beyond the financial rewards for those who are invested in this space, the widespread use of brain supplements may also be able to help society as a whole, if these products prove to be as effective as they claim in supporting brain health. That side of the equation is yet to be seen, and more science will be needed to confirm that the supplements are worth the money they require for ongoing use.


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