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Retain More Clients in 2020 with These Marketing Tips

— January 21, 2020

Keeping your current clients can lessen your efforts in targeting new ones as loyal clients can even serve as your own marketing campaign.

As the new year arrives, new law firms will pop up, making competition even tighter. One way to gain an edge over these new start-up firms is to keep your clients, which you can do by upgrading and personalizing your marketing campaigns. This way, your clients will feel important and will likely keep coming back to you.

There are many ways to achieve a marketing campaign that’ll attract new clients while keeping them loyal at the same time. Here are some tips to make this happen:

1. Personalize Your Efforts

As mentioned, personalizing your marketing campaigns can do wonders for your client retention. To help you out with this, you can hire an online marketing agency like SEM Dynamics who can offer solutions that are specific to the needs of each law firm’s site, whether it’s to get new clients or upgrade the firm’s website. When creating your marketing campaign, you should cater to every type of client you have. 

Since you already have data from your previous clients, you can use these to offer them what they may need. For instance, if your client is a businessman who needs legal advice every now and then, email them newsletters discussing how to keep their business legally compliant. But, if you send them articles or newsletters regarding divorce matters, they’ll likely skip it unless they’re undergoing a divorce.

Another vital detail to consider is the time your clients are likely to view your marketing campaign. For instance, if they usually open their emails at night, then it may be best to send them emails during this time. That way, they’re more likely to open your email. Instead of randomly sending them all of your products on any day, using your clients’ information can make your marketing campaign more effective.

2. Communicate With Your Clients

Another way to keep your clients engaged is to speak to them regularly. That way, they know you’re still there for them even after their cases have been resolved. On the other hand, if they don’t hear from you, they’re likely to think that you’re done doing business with them.

This isn’t to say that you should constantly call them or chat with them. You can if you have a lot of free time, but some clients won’t always appreciate that. Instead, use your social media, websites, and emails to communicate.

Man making business calls; image by Kartabya Aryal, via
Man making business calls; image by Kartabya Aryal, via

Not only can you gain new clients through social media, but it can significantly help as you’ll be visible on your client’s timeline. When your clients post on their social media accounts, you can leave them comments and connect with them, letting them know that their previous lawyer still cares.

Additionally, you can regularly post informational content on your site. This way, clients can relate to your articles and may even be encouraged to book you for a consultation if they’re experiencing the same situation discussed in your article.

Emails, on the other hand, can be used to update your clients, especially when you’re offering discounts or free legal consultations. 

With proper and constant communication, clients will likely go to you again if they need legal advice. 

3. Become an Inspiration 

Aside from communicating, inspiring your clients with the cases you’ve resolved can increase their loyalty to your firm. Instead of focusing on advertising your services, doing some pro bonos can also help market your law firm. Once people see that you accept some cases for free, they’re more likely to think that you’re not just in it for the money. 

You can also give a portion of your profit to a charity, church, or an organization, which can help you make a positive impact. Through this, you might touch the hearts of your clients as they know you’re also helping the less fortunate with the fees they pay you. 

4. Create a Rewards System

Rewarding your clients’ loyalty with VIP discounts or a rewards system can also show them how significant their contributions are and retain them in the long run. 

For instance, if your clients hire you again as their representative lawyer for a case, you can offer them a loyalty discount. If you have a weekly newspaper, paid subscribers can have discounts, too. Show your clients that being loyal to you as their lawyer or legal adviser can gain them advantages once they get your services. 

5. Encourage Them with Social Proof

It’s especially important to use social proof in encouraging your clients to continue subscribing to your law firm or hiring your legal services. Social proof refers to testimonials from clients whom you’ve previously worked with. Don’t keep the good news all to yourself, and show these to your other clients as well. 

More often than not, people value the opinions of others more than ads because they feel the former is more authentic. Posting testimonials on your social media page or website can help strengthen your firm’s image of continuously giving people top-notch legal services. This can be especially advantageous when you’ve resolved controversial cases, which you can highlight every now and then. 


By following the tips above, your marketing campaigns will help you retain your clients while also letting you gain new ones. Keeping your current clients can lessen your efforts in targeting new ones as loyal clients can even serve as your own marketing campaign. This is because those loyal to your services will recommend your law firm to other people, especially if you helped them win their cases.

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