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The Role of Criminal Defense Attorneys in Different Types of Criminal Charges

— March 17, 2022

The support and advice that they provide can influence your chances of being convicted in court or avoiding a conviction in the first place. 

If you face criminal charges, you may soon be dealing with a lawyer or attorney. The type of criminal charges you face can determine what kind of lawyer will best handle your case. Here is a breakdown of lawyers and an introduction to their role in different types of criminal charge cases. A criminal defense attorney defends their client against charges, typically present in court and by cross-examining witnesses to find contradictions or errors in the prosecution’s evidence against their client. Take a look at how criminal defense attorney can offer their assistance in different types of criminal charges.

Drug Crimes

A criminal defense attorney is an attorney who defends against charges. A drug charge is a criminal offense and is usually charged as a felony if the accused has a prior conviction on his or her record. Penalties include prison time, thousands of dollars in fines, and probation or parole. With an experienced defense attorney from Piotrowski Law, you can present the best positive side of your case and control the level of damage and penalties,

White Collar Crimes

Crimes such as tax evasion, insurance fraud, and other financial schemes with widespread public impact can be classified as white-collar crimes. White-collar crimes do not involve street crimes such as robbery or assault but instead involve financial fraud that can cause major corporate damage and loss for companies and investors. If you are stuck in any such crime, then you need to hire a good defense attorney as soon as possible.

Violent Crimes

Criminal defense attorneys serve as the voice for their clients in court, typically facing felony charges. Sometimes criminal defense lawyer may also help with lesser charges if he or she feels that the crime was related to mental illness or some type of provocation. Criminal defense lawyers are also in charge of defending their clients’ constitutional rights when being accused of a crime. Because of this, criminal defense lawyers must have extensive experience in the law and handle different types of situations.

Domestic Violence Cases

If you’ve been charged with a crime, it’s important to get legal representation as early as possible. A criminal defense lawyer represents a defendant in all types of trials, whether for a felony or misdemeanor domestic violence charges. An attorney is also involved in investigating the case and may be able to strengthen or weaken the prosecution’s evidence.

Theft Crimes

Like most thefts, a theft crime can happen without any kind of intent to commit wrongdoing. A criminal defense attorney is an important part of any investigation because they will investigate what happened, where, and why and present your case to the judge or jury at trial. Prosecution attorneys are typically on trial, but lawyers defend their clients against everything from tax evasion to bank fraud.

You must hire the right defense attorney the first time. With a good criminal defense lawyer, you can have the best of your case handled. In addition, the support and advice that they provide can influence your chances of being convicted in court or avoiding a conviction in the first place.

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