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Samsung Customers Hit Company with Lawsuit Over Refrigerator Defect

— May 18, 2022

A class-action lawsuit was recently filed against Samsung over claims that “some of the company’s refrigerators don’t keep their food cold enough.” 

When most people buy new appliances, like refrigerators, there is a certain level of expectation that they will work correctly and without issue. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. For example, Samsung was recently hit with a class-action lawsuit over allegations that “some of the company’s refrigerators don’t keep their food cold enough.” 

Gavel and law books; image by Succo, via
Gavel and law books; image by Succo, via

Matthew Jordan and Lisa Saghy are two of the plaintiffs who filed the suit earlier this month in New Jersey. It accuses the company of “unjust enrichment, false advertising, and consumer fraud.” 

The refrigerators at the center of the class-action suit have double French doors and a bottom freezer. They retail for between $1,000 and $3,000 with a one-year warranty. The suit states:

“They run above the temperature at which food can be safely stored…This defect is fatal to the operation of the refrigerators, which serve one purpose: keeping food and other consumable goods at a safe temperature.”

In response to the allegations, Samsung said, “Our commitment to ensuring product quality and safety for all of our customers is our top priority.”

Jordan is one of the customers who purchased a defective refrigerator. In June 2020, he bought a refrigerator for $1,300 and “noticed months after the purchase that the temperature inside the refrigerator was inconsistent.According to him, he “used a thermal imaging camera and found that the temperature was 45 degrees at the top of the refrigerator and 29 degrees near the bottom, court documents state.”

Saghy also purchased a refrigerator back in 2017 for $2,250. According to court documents, it was a Samsung refrigerator. Soon after setting it up in her home, she noticed it “wasn’t keeping a chilly temperature.” When she asked a Samsung technician to take a look at it, the technician allegedly told her the “appliance had a defect and couldn’t be repaired.”

Lawyers representing the two said the “issues with Samsung refrigerators have been known for years,” and noted that “customers sent more than 600 complaints to the Consumer Product Safety Commission about Samsung refrigerators between January 2019 and December 2021.” This latest lawsuit isn’t the first time customers have expressed frustration over the defective refrigerators. In fact, a Facebook group has been made and is titled ‘Samsung Refrigerator Recall U.S.A Now.’ In the group, customers post “videos of their malfunctioning appliance.” 

Tom O’Shea, the moderator of the group said the goal is to get refunds for customers with defective refrigerators. He added:

“People have been eating foods, getting sick, then realize it was the refrigerator…After they got rid of the refrigerator, their stomach problems go away.”


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