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SarahBeth Hartlage shares Easy-Peasy Mental Health Wellness Guidelines for COVID-19

— March 8, 2021

Physical activity of any kind is essential for a healthy life! Today, when venturing outside is limited, it is necessary to move your body indoors.

We are not used to living the way we are living now! For decades when didn’t have to think about wearing a mask and carrying a sanitizer before going out. The pandemic outbreak in 2020 has changed the way of life in most ways possible. People thought that in 2021 the pandemic curve would flatten down to a great extent. We recently came across the new strain of the virus that has increased people’s tension and anxiety. It gives rise to several mental health issues that need to get managed effectively through wellness guidelines. 

Wellness guidelines by SarahBeth Hartlage

Mental health is of utmost importance! Many people have witnessed sadness and borderline depression during the pandemic because of our limited way of life. Everyone has the pandemic phobia at the back of their minds. Hence, it is necessary to eliminate this stress and tension by implementing wellness guidelines by SarahBeth Hartlage. 

  1. Introduce playtime in your routine

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People must keep some time in their routine where they can think and act freely. It could be a time for video games or indoor games. It will help them to feel relaxed and rejuvenated and stay free from daily stress and tension. You can play with your family members. It’s good to choose an actual indoor game instead of playing games on the mobile. That way, you can detox from your Smartphone as well. It will help you to feel grounded and relaxed after a day’s work. You can choose your favorite games and keep a few hours for the same. 

  1. Cook a meal that you like

You must eat healthy during the pandemic phase! You can choose all the nutrient-rich ingredients and cook yourself a meal every day or every alternate day. It will help you to stay engaged in an activity and will also help you to feel positive. You can plate the meal and click an Instagram-worthy image and share it with your friends. It will fill you up with all the positivity and help you to feel happy. 

  1. Write a journal

Today, most people realize the power of journaling. We have several thoughts and feelings bottled up within us. It is necessary to express the same and feel light within. When you write a journal, you can face your feelings and can manage the same as well. Getting into the journaling habit will allow you to stay focused and know how to manage your emotions in a challenging situation. It also helps you feel calm and centered within. 

  1. Yoga can help

Physical activity of any kind is essential for a healthy life! Today, when venturing outside is limited, it is necessary to move your body indoors. For this, you can opt-in for yoga. When you practice yoga, you engage your mind and body and can feel a sense of calm and peace. It balances your feelings, mind, and hormones. Regular practice also helps you to lose the extra weight and stay in shape. 

These are a few wellbeing guidelines that will help you stay calm and peaceful during the pandemic. 

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