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SenesTech Launches Evolve™ Mouse

— May 20, 2024

It has been estimated that U.S. rodent pest management product sales, over half of which target mouse infestations, are more than $1 billion annually and are growing.

PHOENIX/PRNewswire – SenesTech, Inc. (Nasdaq: SNES; “SenesTech” or the “Company”), the leader in fertility control to manage animal pest populations, today announces that the Company has launched Evolve™ Mouse, utilizing a breakthrough fertility control solution, for the control of mouse infestations. Evolve Mouse is designated as a ‘minimum risk’ product by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, posing little to no risk to human health and the environment. The Company began accepting orders as of Monday, May 6th.

Evolve Mouse will initially be available to consumers and professionals in 1.5 and 3 lb. pouches on the Company’s website, through distributors, and through other select e-commerce and retail stores.

One of the Company’s lead distributors and online retailers, DIY Pest Control, has already committed to a sizable preorder and will immediately add Evolve Mouse to their website offerings.

“Evolve Mouse is a much needed extension of the Evolve product line into an underserved market. We would expect the market for a mouse product would at least double the addressable market for the Evolve product line,” said Fletcher Cline, President of DIY Pest Control.

The launch of Evolve Mouse follows SenesTech’s introduction of Evolve at the beginning of the year, which is specially formulated for rats. The Evolve product line is the industry’s only soft bait product line to control rodent populations by restricting fertility.

“The historical lethal methods for rodent infestations are failing because the existing tools are not enough. We know that controlling the population by adding fertility control to an integrated pest management program increases effectiveness by up to 90 percent. The Evolve product line provides consumers and professionals with effective and convenient options for the control of rodent pests,” said Joel Fruendt, SenesTech’s President and CEO.

Mouse; image courtesy of moreharmony via Pixabay,

The Evolve products address the fundamental issue of rodent overpopulation by focusing on the rapid reproduction of rats and mice, controlling the population by restricting fertility rather than trying to keep up with the growing numbers of an infestation with poisons alone. The active ingredient in the Evolve product line has been shown to effectively reduce fertility in rodents in numerous independent studies. Evolve products are highly palatable, easy to deploy, and offers diverse placement in many different environments.

It has been estimated that U.S. rodent pest management product sales, over half of which target mouse infestations, are more than $1 billion annually and are growing. At the same time, regulators in California and other areas are putting more restrictions on the application of commonly used poisons, leading consumers and pest managers to seek new methods for control and ease of purchase options.

“We’re not just offering a product; we’re offering a solution to a growing crisis,” emphasizes Mr. Fruendt. “Evolve Mouse isn’t just about control—it’s about reclaiming our spaces from the relentless invasion of mice.”

About SenesTech

We are committed to improving the health of the world by humanely managing animal pest populations through our expertise in fertility control. We invented ContraPest, the only U.S. EPA-registered contraceptive for male and female rats, as well as Evolve and Evolve Mouse, EPA-designated minimum risk contraceptives for rodents, reflecting our mission to provide products that are proactive, safe and sustainable. ContraPest and Evolve fit seamlessly into all integrated pest management programs, significantly improving the overall goal of effective pest management. We strive for clean cities, efficient businesses and happy households – with a product designed to be humane, effective and sustainable.

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