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Seven Safe Strategies for Avoiding a Car Accident in Atlanta

— November 15, 2021

No matter the charge you face or how innocent you were, having an attorney by your side is the smartest way to deal with traffic tickets, accidents, and other legal problems. 

Atlanta has the dubious honor of having some of the worst traffic problems in the country. According to a post at, traffic congestion results from an inefficient layout of roads, an inefficient mass transit system, and just bad drivers. Infrastructure issues also bedevil drivers because Atlanta suffered through racial segregation while the interstate system was built.

Road Rage Southern Style

The prospect of accidents and congestion also contribute to cases of road rage. According to, officers frequently respond to cases of road rage. These cases pick up steam from drivers mad about being cut off, cars following too closely, and aggressive driving.

Despite your precautions and defensive driving, you could still be injured in an Atlanta vehicle accident – road rage is not something to underestimate. Contact John Foy, Atlanta car accident lawyer, for excellent representation if it becomes necessary to file a personal injury lawsuit or if you want to recover damages from the at-fault party. 

Following the principal saying that it is better to be safe than sorry, let’s see some tips and tricks for safer drives in the streets of Atlanta. 

1. Avoid I-285

Built to bypass traffic, I-285 now contributes to congestion and accidents. According to specialists, try taking Forest Parkway in southern Atlanta. The James Jackson Parkway offers relatively light traffic in the western part of the city. I-75 also makes a good alternative if you don’t want to bother negotiating city streets. Keep your navigation system turned on for traffic updates about alternative routes.

2. Avoid Road Rage Incidents

Stay calm while driving, especially when it’s hot and sticky. Try to de-escalate road rage by taking these steps:

  • Signal your intention to move to the right, and lower your speed.
  • Wave, nod, and smile at the driver to ease tension.
  • Avoid making eye contact with other drivers, and focus on driving defensively.
  • Don’t react to rude gestures, bad language, and rude behaviors.
  • Try to stay away from drivers who speed or drive recklessly.

If things reach a point where you feel in danger of physical violence, call 911. If the enraged driver tries to follow you, go to a gas station or food mart with people and cameras. Try to get a license plate, but don’t try to record the driver’s behavior. That could result in escalating the rage.

3. Keep Your Navigation System Updated to the Latest Version

Atlanta construction creates nightmare scenarios while driving anywhere in the city. It’s important to install the latest version of your navigation software because your maps may be outdated. The best strategy is to use a wayfinding app that provides constantly updated user information about accidents, road blockages, construction delays, and other potential tie-ups.

4. Stay Out of Far-Right Lanes

Far-right lanes are used primarily for exits from the road. Getting stuck in a right-turn-only lane can delay your travel time considerably, annoy other drivers and possibly cause an accident.

5. Maintain Your Focus

Driver with an Apple Watch; image by Luca Bravo, via
Image by Luca Bravo, via

Driving through downtown Atlanta can be likened to a trip to the circus. You’ll encounter construction just a few feet away, observe all kinds of driving behavior, and whiz through a maze of traffic above and below you. It’s best to keep your eyes on the road, both hands on the wheel, and avoid all distractions. Distracted driving tops the list of the most common reasons for accidents. Just a glance away from the road can cause a devastating accident.

6. Avoid High-volume Roads When Possible

Atlanta drivers can enjoy less stressful commutes and reduce their risks of an accident by taking the road less traveled. Try to avoid high-volume roads, especially during the morning or evening rush. Drive at a safe speed, leave plenty of room between another car and drive even more carefully in storms and high-traffic situations.

7. Resist the Urge to Speed

Speed increases stopping time and potentially fatal collisions. If you’re speeding, you’ll also have trouble coming to a complete stop and avoiding pedestrians. In addition, speeding leads to other road safety violations, like changing lanes aggressively and ignoring travel warnings. Other drivers speeding by can pressure you to speed up, but resisting the temptation consistently eases that pressure.

Final Thoughts

All major cities have their downsides regarding traffic, road rage, navigation problems, and everything that ensues from such issues. You may respect the traffic laws and regulations to a tee and still get involved in a minor accident. But, on the other hand, your attention or patience might slip just for a second, turning you into the at-fault driver in a collision or a traffic violation.

No matter the charge you face or how innocent you were, having an attorney by your side is the smartest way to deal with traffic tickets, accidents, and other legal problems. 

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