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Personal Injury Lawsuits: From Choosing Lawyers to Understanding Settlement

— November 15, 2021

If you have a personal injury case, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to help you get the settlement you deserve.

If you need to file a personal injury claim but have never filed a lawsuit before, chances are you don’t know much about what you should expect. However, here are a few things you should consider to win your case and receive a reasonable settlement successfully. 

Lawyers and Lawsuits Are For Your Protection and Rights

After being injured, you may have to deal with lost wages, emotional distress, and medical bills. A personal injury lawsuit is designed to respect your rights and ensure a safe financial future after your injury. Working with a personal injury attorney will help you get the financial compensation you deserve by going to trial or reaching a settlement with the person or entity liable for your injuries. 

When you choose an attorney to build and manage a case for you from the beginning to the end, you must factor in the following aspects.

Pick a law firm in the state where the accident or your injury occurred. While many lawyers have the right to practice in more than one state, it is best to choose attorneys with proven expertise in the state where your lawsuit will take place. It is important to do so because local attorneys know the laws inside out together with all the necessary procedures to start a lawsuit and move a case through the court, from the first complaint to the last deposit of your settlement money. 

Secondly, in civil matters such as personal injuries, you have many attorneys to choose from depending on the legal area you need to deal with. For this reason, many lawyers specialize in car accidents while others have more experience with wrongful death suits, defective products, medical malpractice, and more. 

It might seem obvious but always go for law firms with a strong reputation in their communities, known for fighting hard for their client’s rights. Reviewing a law firm’s past cases, reviews, client testimonials, and online presence is the smartest way to go about choosing legal representation. 

To offer you a concrete example, let’s say someone hurt you in a truck accident in New Orleans. Then, when you consider filing a Birmingham truck accident claim, it is best to go with a law firm in New Orleans with high success rates in vehicular accidents and personal injury, going after insurance companies, and fighting for accident victims with passion. 

Having an Attorney Helps You Recover More 

If you hire an attorney to represent you in your personal injury case, you’re three times more likely to get a satisfactory settlement. That’s why it’s best not to try to handle a personal injury case on your own. Your lawyer knows how to evaluate your claims and will help you negotiate a fair settlement. If the insurance company doesn’t negotiate your settlement amount, your attorney will present your case to a jury and judge to help you receive the justice you deserve. 

You Should Contact a Lawyer Immediately

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Image by Claimaccident, via

When you work with a lawyer, you’ll avoid expensive mistakes such as giving claims adjusters too much information or improperly documenting the incident that caused your injury. In addition, your lawyer can help you work through the complicated legal processes that you have to go through to file your lawsuit properly. Finally, the sooner you get in touch with an attorney, the more likely you are to remember the specifics of the accident and have access to pertinent evidence to help you win your case. Moreover, keeping up with the state’s statute of limitations is also your responsibility. Therefore, following our truck accident example, you get medical help first, and then you consult with an attorney. 

It’s Free to Get Started On Your Case 

Quality law firms will offer you a contingency fee model and even a free first consultation. It means you don’t have to pay any fees upfront, and your attorney will only get paid if you win your case. Since money may be tight after a serious accident, you should be able to start your case at no cost. 

Talk to Your Lawyer Before Signing Anything 

An insurance claims adjuster may try to tell you that being represented by a lawyer is not necessary. However, it is important to keep in mind that insurance companies are looking out for the good of their business and aren’t interested in being fair to you. If a claims adjuster attempts to convince you that you should communicate with them directly, don’t fall for it. Always talk to your attorney before signing any documents or submitting any official statements. This evidence could be used against you in court. 

It’s Essential to Establish Negligence 

You must provide proof that your injury occurred because of someone else’s negligence. For example, suppose an individual or company is responsible for your injury – it can be the truck driver or the truck driving company if they pushed their drivers to work while exhausted. In that case, you could be entitled to compensation for lost income, loss of ability to earn a living, medical expenses, and physical and mental anguish. 

You Can Win Out of Court 

If you have a personal injury case, you can go to trial or settle out of court. The settlement is the agreement you and the defendant come to that determines your compensation. Or, a judge could issue a verdict for your case based on the evidence presented in court. Either way, it’s best to have a lawyer on your side. Your attorney can represent you when reaching a settlement with the at-fault party or in court if you have to take your case to the judge. 

Bottom Line

If you have a personal injury case, you should contact a personal injury lawyer to help you get the settlement you deserve. An injury can negatively impact your life and keep you from working, caring for your family, and keeping a healthy, satisfactory lifestyle. With the right lawyers on your side, you can present evidence to the judge that will help you win your case and receive compensation for your pain and suffering. 

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