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Should I Accept a Settlement After a Cleveland Motorcycle Crash?

— April 4, 2023

If you reject the first settlement, the insurance company may attempt to play “hardball” and refuse to offer you another settlement.

After suffering injuries in a Cleveland motorcycle crash, you may be facing all kinds of financial issues. First of all, you may have a pile of medical bills that seem to multiply with each passing day. Motorcycle accidents can lead to serious injuries, and you might face these medical bills for months, years, or even the rest of your life. On top of this, you might be struggling with a sudden loss of income due to your injuries. Perhaps you will never work again. Finally, the psychological shock and trauma of a motorcycle accident can be just as problematic, and you might require months of expensive mental health treatment. But does this mean that you should accept a settlement after a Cleveland motorcycle crash?

Insurance Companies Offer Low-Ball Settlements

First of all, you should know that insurance companies always offer the lowest possible settlements they think they can get away with. The reason is obvious: Insurance companies are businesses, and the purpose of every business is to rake in as much cash as possible. By offering low-ball settlements, they can cut costs – even if this means that victims walk away without enough compensation to cover their total damages. 

How Do You Know Whether to Settle?

The only way to figure out whether you should settle and accept an offer is to get in touch with qualified lawyers. These attorneys can carefully assess your unique situation and calculate your total damages. There may be damages that you didn’t even consider, such as the long-term costs of rehabilitation treatment, or the fact that you will miss wages while attending future medical checkups. These lawyers can help you receive a settlement that fully reflects your total damages. 

What Happens if the Insurance Company Refuses to Settle?

If you reject the first settlement, the insurance company may attempt to play “hardball” and refuse to offer you another settlement. This can lead to standoffs, and negotiations may fall through. If this occurs, you may be left with no other choice but to take your injury claim to a trial. During a trial, both sides will have a chance to present their evidence. The goal is to convince the jury that you deserve compensation.

Most Injury Claims End in Settlements

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You should know that most injury claims end in settlements. In fact, more than 90% of injury claims never go to trial. This is due to the fact that trials are inherently unpredictable, and you never really know what a jury will decide in the end. You could receive a much larger settlement than you expected. On the other hand, you could receive a much lower settlement than you expected. In addition, trials are much more expensive compared to negotiated settlements. In the end, it’s in everyone’s best interests to avoid this unpredictability and expensiveness. 

Where Can I Find a Qualified Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Cleveland?

As a general rule, you should avoid accepting any settlements until you speak with Cleveland motorcycle accident lawyers. Once you get in touch with one of the many Ohio motorcycle accident lawyers in your area, you can approach this situation in a much more confident, efficient manner. You should be eligible for a much higher payout than you realize. The only way to find out for sure is to speak with qualified motorcycle accident lawyers. Book your consultation with experienced accident lawyers today for real answers.



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