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Should I Get a Lawyer for a North Carolina Car Accident?

— February 3, 2022

When the insurance adjuster looks into your case, they will be searching for any pretext to minimize the value of your case or deny it altogether.

North Carolina was ranked 5th on the list of states with the largest number of fatal car accidents in 2020. According to statistics, 1,321 people were killed in crashes, while tens of thousands were injured. These stark numbers translate into as many families whose lives are turned upside down. After the shock and the pain caused by the accident, they will all have to face the same problem: money. How do you recover damages after an accident? Can you do that without an attorney? If you or a loved one were recently involved in a crash, you should seek advice from a respectable North Carolina accident lawyer, because it’s not going to be easy if the damages are considerable or if there are any doubts who’s to blame for what happened. 

How is fault determined in North Carolina?

North Carolina is one of the few American states that uses the contributory negligence rule and this can cause serious problems if the circumstances of the accident are unclear. Under the contributory negligence rule, if you did something wrong, no matter how minor, you may not be able to recover any damages. For instance, if you were driving at just a few miles per hour above the speed limit you may not get damages even though the other driver was fully responsible for slamming into you. 

This is the main reason why you should get yourself an experienced accident lawyer in Charlotte, NC, before you file a claim with the insurance company.

Image by espartgraphic, via
Image by espartgraphic, via

When the insurance adjuster looks into your case, they will be searching for any pretext to minimize the value of your case or deny it altogether. If they don’t find anything in the police report, they could try to distort anything you say to make it look like you’re partly to blame for what happened, in which case you do not deserve damages.

To avoid such risks, it’s best to leave all communications with the insurer to a knowledgeable lawyer. They have plenty of experience with insurance adjusters and know what to say and, most important, what not to say. 

Let’s say you call the insurance company to inform them of the accident and you happen to mention you were talking to your child in the back seat at the moment of the crash. A dishonest adjuster can claim you were distracted and this contributed to the accident, so you don’t deserve any money. 

How much will a lawyer cost me?

Reliable accident lawyers offer free consultations and will only take your case if they think they can win it. Also, they work on a contingency fee, so you don’t owe them anything until they win the case. If they don’t, you don’t have to pay them anything. 

Seasoned lawyers do their best to settle with the insurance company and get fair compensation for you. Filing a lawsuit is a last resort solution as trials take a lot of time, time you cannot afford to wait when you have mounting medical bills to pay. If the case goes to trial, the jury will determine who was to blame for the accident and who deserves damages. 

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