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Why are There Weight Regulations for Trucks in Modeste?

— February 3, 2022

If a truck is over the weight limit when an accident happens, the company may be sued to pay for any damage that they caused.

Trucking is a field that has numerous regulations which are meant for the safety of truckers, others on the roads, and the public at large. Semi trucks and other similar commercial vehicles are commonly used to transport large amounts of goods and cargo at once. However, it is important that the truck is not overloaded with too much weight because this becomes unsafe. There are a number or different reasons why these kinds of regulations exist. 

Federal transportation regulations

Commercial semi trucks with 18 wheels generally cannot weigh more than 80,000 pounds through a combination of the vehicle and any cargo or items inside. However, businesses must also be mindful of the fact that they would like to ship as much as possible on each truck, so this creates a balancing issue between what a business needs to do to make a profit, versus the government and public’s concerns about safety. State law enforcement is given the authority to check trucks at weigh stations for compliance with these issues. They can force a truck to go out of service for a period of time when violations are discovered.  

Infrastructure problems

If a heavy truck is going over a bridge, overpass, road, or other structure that can only handle a certain amount of weight, it is possible that there can be damage to the property or even a total collapse. Truckers should always be mindful of these kinds of problems to avoid an incident that will require large amounts of time and effort to fix, along with the possibility of injuries or death if there is a road or bridge collapse during an accident.

Highway at night. Image via Wikimedia Commons via Unsplash. Photo credit: David Bruyndonckx. (CCA-BY-1.0).

Movement issues

A truck that is too heavy is going to be much more difficult for a driver to control. This means that turning, braking, and other basic maneuvers become dangerous. A truck may also flip on its side during a turn if there is simply too much weight present. The combination of these factors and potential problems means that other people and vehicles nearby are put at a much higher risk  

Lawsuits against a negligent trucking company

If a truck is over the weight limit when an accident happens, the company may be sued to pay for any damage that they caused. Violations of weight limits or other trucking regulations are also evidence of negligence. 

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