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It’s Important for Social Media Managers to Use Project Management Tools

— April 29, 2020

Social media marketing isn’t the same as the rest of the digital marketing world mainly because social media platforms are unique in their own way.

Social media has become widely popular over the years. Facebook alone has over two billion active users. From a business perspective, this is an opportunity too good to miss out on. Engaging with your audience on social networks and establishing a relationship with them is vital for business success. 

That’s why every company today makes an effort to establish a strong social media presence. However, social media is a specific place with its own set of rules. For a marketing campaign to be successful on social media, marketers have to develop specific strategies and tactics that will drive viable results. 

Keeping up with everything that’s happening on social networks is next to impossible without some help from modern technology. That’s why marketers need to use project management tools. 

Every social media marketing strategy is designed for a specific purpose and each of these strategies is a project on its own. You need to carefully plan out everything in advance and monitor the effects of your efforts. Therefore, here are a few reasons why project management tools are important for social media managers. 

Project planning

Creating a social media campaign means that you have specific business goals in mind that you want to achieve. Aligning your strategies with business goals is what a project management tool can help you with. 

As you may already know, social media campaigns don’t last for a single day or a single week even. It’s usually a lot longer than that. During that time, you’ll have various everyday tasks that require polishing and executing. 

With a reliable tool, you can track those tasks and see what else is left to do that will help you reach your goals. Planning a campaign is actually a project and you need to get every aspect down to the smallest of details if you want to avoid wasting both time and resources on social media platforms. 

Event calendar

As mentioned before, you’ll have to do specific tasks each day during the course of the project or, in this case, during your social media campaign. These tasks have to be executed at the right time, the right place, and under the right circumstances. 

For example, your audience is most active on Instagram at 5 pm on Tuesdays, which is the best time to engage with them in a certain way. Having a social media or an event calendar helps you determine how to best engage with your audience during that time. 

Each day is different and having a calendar to guide you is beneficial in making your efforts worthwhile. Having your audience present on different social channels doesn’t mean you can post the same thing everywhere. 

Even though it’s the same audience, you have to have a specific approach for each social media network you’re building a presence at. A calendar can, therefore, help you determine what to post and where so that you don’t upset your audience. 

Content creation

Content is the most important aspect of every social media campaign. Creating content and publishing it regularly is essential for engagement, awareness, and many other factors. However, not just any content will do. 

The content you create must be original and highly relevant. Moreover, it must have top-quality and the ability to entertain, educate, and inform your audience. Creating such content requires a team of experts. That said, project management tools, such as Taskworld, for instance, can help you coordinate a team of content creators for your social media campaign.

Collage of a woman’s face, a camera lens, and various social media symbols; image by Geralt, via
Collage of a woman’s face, a camera lens, and various social media symbols; image by Geralt, via

That way, you can ensure that the right type of content is provided to the audience every day. You can also create content that will benefit both your target audience and drive results towards your business goals. Furthermore, there’s another benefit of using project management tools in content creation. 

As you may know, social media users prefer original content. If you have old content you cannot use anymore, you can use the project management tools to repurpose and restructure your content into other formats and give old content a shiny new coat. 

Monitoring your efforts

Metrics and KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) are essential for monitoring the impact and progress of your campaigns. You can’t really know for sure if your efforts are driving results or not unless you have a project management tool that will provide you with the right analytics. 

You have to measure your audience’s response to your efforts so that you can determine if your campaign is good as it is or if it needs some serious improvements. Based on the tool you’re using, you’ll undoubtedly have access to some insights. 

Various tools allow you to measure various metrics and monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns. You can also leverage real-time reports on your daily activities. 

For example, some metrics include social media mentions, which is vital for understanding how the audience responds to your messages and with which sentiment as well. Moreover, some tools help you monitor brand consistency. You can, therefore, ensure that every message or piece of content uses the right tone of voice that best represents your brand. 

Revisiting your steps

It’s no secret that you won’t do everything the right way on the first try. Social media is a dynamic environment where consumer behavior changes based on the current market trends. Making a mistake is, therefore, common and natural. 

However, fixing the mistake is vital, and you won’t be able to do that if you cannot keep track of what you’ve done so far. That’s why a project management tool is very beneficial. 

You can basically revisit each step in your campaign to determine where it all went wrong and adjust your efforts to help remedy the mistake you’ve made. What’s more, you’ll probably have to repeat the process more than once during the course of the campaign. 

Social media marketing isn’t the same as the rest of the digital marketing world mainly because social media platforms are unique in their own way. Establishing a strong presence and ensuring success for your marketing efforts is very difficult without the help of the project management tools that you should use. 

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