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SofPulse® Offers Pain Relief Alternative to Opioid Treatment

— October 22, 2020

Endonovo Therapeutics’ SofPulse® treatment offers a non-addictive post-surgery option for pain relief.

Endonovo Therapeutics, Inc. announced a new marketing and public awareness campaign for its SofPulse® treatment that has shown promising results when it comes to combating the opioid epidemic.

The American Medical Association’s (AMA) Advocacy Resource Center recently reported, “Increases in opioid related overdose and other concerns during COVID pandemic.”  And officials are suggesting, “prevention on a public health scale is vital to addressing the COVID-19 pandemic, likewise, preventing exposure to opioids by reducing patients’ opioid requirements is the parallel achievement with regard to the opioid epidemic.  A public health scale application of opioid exposure prevention would necessitate the addition of treatments to standards of care across healthcare and would be required to combat the epidemic.”

“Our country and the world is currently going through a very trying time due to COVID-19 which has significantly exacerbated the opioid epidemic within the U.S.  SofPulse® has shown proven clinical and surgical results and can be a major solution to helping resolve the opioid epidemic by decreasing patient opioid abuse after patient surgeries.” said Alan Collier, CEO of Endonovo.

SofPulse® Offers Pain Relief Alternative to Opioid Treatment
Photo by Piron Guillaume on Unsplash

He added, “Our SofPulse® device has shown in clinical and surgical trials as we have undertaken to significantly reduce patient opioid use and pain symptoms experienced post-operatively…Recently, in a Baylor College of Medicine study in post-surgical pain and length of stay in Coronary artery bypass graft (CABG) cases, the SofPulse® study results demonstrated that the use of SofPulse® significantly decreased postoperative pain as measured by the VAS (Visual Analog Scale) by 50%, decreased opioid requirements (morphine equivalent dose) by 70%, and showed a significant decrease in the median length of stay (LOS) at the hospital by two days.  SofPulse®, through clinical and surgical studies, has shown significant pain reduction while providing a major cost savings when used for any surgery observed.”

Adding SofPulse® for coronary artery bypass graft surgeries has a potential annual cost savings of over $5.7 billion.  Collier adds, “With over 500,000 of these types of open-heart types of surgeries alone, not including the numerous other types of surgeries with similar in-patient stays and recovery times, SofPulse® would offer hospitals significant savings as well as be a revenue generator for increasing profits at those same hospitals.”

The FDA cleared SofPulse® as a non-invasive, alternative treatment to opioids that has no known side effects.  It can be used to manage post-procedure pain in a variety of restorative and elective operations and the company has even made the product available to cosmetic surgery centers. Collier said, “These centers provide patients with cosmetic and reconstructive procedures resulting in a need for postoperative pain management,” which provides a perfect opportunity for SofPulse® to step in.

However, “the true value of adopting this preventative approach to the opioid epidemic is in the lives saved,” said Collier. “Imagine the number of lives impacted if patients required 70% less opioids to control their pain…Through informing and educating the public and medical professionals regarding opioid use and abuse prevention and the broadening usage of SofPulse®, we should be able to accomplish our goal of becoming standard of care for almost every surgery performed in the U.S.”


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