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Stay Calm at Work: Five Lessons for Reclaiming Peace of Mind

— April 1, 2019

Stress is a rising factor these days, especially in the workplace. It often negatively impacts productivity. However, there are ways to regain your peace of mind and productivity.

Every employee aspires to give their best in helping a company realize its goals, both in the long term and short term. However, there are days when one hits a snag due to stress as a result of which, productivity reaches rock bottom. When that happens, it is that time you asked important questions such as the following to reclaim your peace of mind:

  • Why are you unable to keep grinding through productivity?
  • What makes your mind restless and how can you overcome it?
  • Is your cause for worry an internal or external factor?
  • Do you need help to regain focus and deliver on employer’s expectations?
Person working on a computer at a very cluttered desk; image by Robert Bye, via
Person working on a computer at a very cluttered desk; image by Robert Bye, via

The truth is that when the mind is chaotic, focus suffers a huge below. Moreover, without a clear plan on how to get things back on track, you risk the worst of eventualities such as getting the sack. It is because having peace of mind creates the right internal environment for work.

Lessons to help you reclaim peace of mind and stay calm at work

Let’s take a dive into how you can regain control of your peace of mind at work.:

  1. Take deep breaths

Taking a deep breath can help change your state of mind. And as you partake in it, let all the stress that might be holding you back go. Smile through the process and you will be surprised by the high level of positivity that comes thereafter. You can then get going with the next project with nothing holding back your productivity.

  1. Try the 80/20 (Pareto) Principle

The Pareto principle simply means focusing on tasks that yield greater results. In this case, emphasize 20 percent that would help you realize 80 percent of the total output. Avoid wasting a lot of time doing little things that do not have meaningful impact on your ultimate goal.

  1. Have the big picture in mind

Looking at the bigger picture at the workplace can help you overcome workplace stress and soon, you regain focus and peace of mind. Ask these questions: how is missing deadline going to affect your career? Will you be shown the door? With these at the back of your mind, you will find it easier to look for a solution, even if it means asking a colleague for help.

  1. Don’t dwell on problems

You don’t want to spend a whole day thinking about problems when solutions can be sought right away. It means, instead of letting your mind drift away into thinking about challenges, refocus it on how to overcome drawbacks.

  1. Have limits

Is taking too many projects the cause for your worries? Or, are you staying late at the workplace to accomplish more? If either of these is true, then it is time to start working by setting boundaries. Make it possible for everyone to understand your limits, and why doing too much can only have negative impact on your mental wellbeing.

There are many ways to remain focused and productive at the workplace. However, even with the above lessons, it is important to start by identifying the cause of the problem, and then seek help in finding lasting solutions.

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