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Student Loan Forgiveness Advocate Statement on New Biden “Hardship” Proposal for Expanded Student Loan Forgiveness 

— February 23, 2024

WASHINGTON DC – On February 15, the Biden Administration announced a proposal for additional student loan payment relief for people struggling to pay because of financial “hardship.” Several categories of borrowers would be eligible for relief under Biden’s second try at widespread cancellation after the Supreme Court rejected his first plan last year.

In response to the proposal, Melissa Byrne, student loan activist and Executive Director of We The 45 Million (, released the following statement.  

“Today, the work to deliver student loan relief to American borrowers continues. The Department of  Education’s proposed language for the hardship category gives negotiators a strong starting point for next week’s two days of negotiated rule-making hearings.  

“Nearly seven months after big money GOP operatives funded the efforts to kill the first attempt at student loan relief, President Biden and the Department of Education continue to follow a proven and established regulatory process to deliver relief for the Americans harmed by the student loan industry. 

“I urge the negotiators and the administration to continue to work to deliver student loan relief to as many borrowers as possible and as swiftly as possible.”

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