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Student Social Media Usage and Trends in 2020

— June 25, 2020

Are you wondering how social media platforms are affecting education in 2020? Click to find out how education and social media are intertwined in current trends.

In recent years, social media education has become a trend among students. This is because students these days spend most of their time on Facebook, Twitter, etc. And, with the quarantine measures in 2020, universities and schools are looking forward to making the best of the options available at hand. 

Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, students have been left with no other option but to avail eLearning service. And much of it has been conducted through the social media platforms. Even assignment writing services like Alleassaywriter and Tophomeworkhelper are engaging with the students via WhatsApp, Instagram, etc.

What do the statistics have to say?

Let us take a look at the statistics before COVID-19 pandemic and after the onslaught hit more than 160 nations. 

Pre COVID-19

As per surveys, social media usage has been on the rise even before the pandemic hit us hard. As of late 2019, there were 2.27 billion active users on Facebook. And, it was observed that young adults used these platforms more than the other age groups.

Students working at a table with coffee, notebooks, and laptops; image by Startupstockphotos, via
Students working at a table with coffee, notebooks, and laptops; image by Startupstockphotos, via

It was seen that 96% of the students use Facebook, whereas 84% use YouTube and 10% remain active on LinkedIn. 82% of the teenagers between the age group of 15-17 were found to use Instagram. In addition to this, the students were also active on platforms like Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest, and Snapchat. 

In the COVID-19 Phase 

Now that we are in the COVID-19 phase, there has been a massive surge in social media usage. LinkedIn has already reported a threefold increase in the learning usage. The students have taken up courses at LinkedIn Learning. 

Moreover, the schools and the universities have taken advantage of the Facebook education groups. Teachers are sharing assignments and even clearing doubts of the students on this platform. 

Google+ and Google Classrooms have also come in handy as far as distant education is concerned. And, the students and the teachers are sharing important updates through Instagram and Whatsapp. 

As per the UNESCO website, several countries are availing social media packages to spread education. While the square tiles are designed for Instagram and Facebook, the horizontal tiles are designed for Twitter. As far as the courses are concerned, you will get further information at

The Trends that Are Emerging Rapidly

With the lockdown imposed worldwide, one can’t help but notice certain trends in social media usage. It was already in the developmental phase, but the COVID-19 has undoubtedly hastened the process. 

  1. Student Content Contribution 

Almost 37% of the schools are encouraging students to contribute to their social media content. And, 45% of the other institutions are planning on integrating social media marketing and management courses. 

  1. Social Advertisements 

Educational institutions are investing in social media advertisements to gain exposure and reach. This includes assignment writing services like Myassignmenthelp. It will definitely help students in getting to know about the courses offered at an institution. 

  1. Enhanced Communication

Today, colleges can connect with students easily through YouTube, Google Plus Groups and Facebook. In fact, the institutions can send various updates and notifications to the students instantly. It is much more convenient than sending emails.

  1. More Exposure and Opportunities 

Now students can interact with their International compatriots and learn about their research work via Instagram and Facebook. Moreover, the students can upgrade their studies as per the International standards and also participate in projects online. 

As you can see, social media platforms have opened up several doors for the students. Now what remains to be seen is what might be the condition when the lockdown is lifted.

Social Media Education in a Post-Quarantine World

Human mindset towards touch is likely to change when the nations decide to relax the lockdown restrictions. The educational institutions will probably continue with the online education process. At least, not till the point the educational institution administrators have conclusive evidence that there is no more threat.

Even underprivileged students are being supplied with laptops and smartphones so that they can continue their education. As you can imagine, social media usage will increase manifolds in the coming days. 

Parents always fear that their wards are spending way more time on social media platforms than required. Well, it has positive aspects to it, too. Thus, steps should be taken to make the students realize what powerful media they have at their disposal. This should be done to discourage them from using Instagram or Facebook for chatting and sharing posts only. 

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