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Study Finds Graphene is not a Risk to Humans

— March 7, 2024

Material with a wide range of uses is found to be harmful to humans.

There is always much excitement when a new material is discovered or created, or when a known material is used in a novel way to make it more effective for human benefits. Of course, while there is excitement, there also needs to be caution, as doing something that could be harmful to human health is exactly the opposite of what is hoped to be achieved. In the case of a recent report, it’s not a particularly new material that is in question, but rather graphene – which was first synthesized in 2004. There is significant anticipation to see what graphene can do in a variety of applications, and it can be used in various forms depending on what is trying to be accomplished. For this study, it was ultra-pure graphene oxide that was studied, specifically to see what kind of harm it might have the potential to do to the human body.

Although only 14 people were used in this study, the results were promising, and they indicated that the water-compatible, ultra-pure graphene oxide did not short short-term adverse health effects. Within the trial, a range of potential markers of trouble were checked, including matters related to the lungs, blood clotting, blood pressure, inflammation, and more. By checking the condition of the trial participants every two hours, it was possible for the researchers to see any changes as they happened.

Study Finds Graphene is not a Risk to Humans
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The only potentially concerning sign within the study was a potential suggestion that blood clotting could be possible. Overall, the research was successful and indicated good news for human health, but the researchers were clear in stating that much more work was to be done before any firm conclusions could be drawn. Specifically, the primary drawbacks of this study were the small sample size of just 14 people and the limited duration of the testing.

Graphene is easily one of the most exciting developments in nanotechnology in recent times. It is a single layer of carbon atoms arranged in a two-dimensional, hexagonal lattice. There are many incredible properties of this material, which looks like a honeycomb once created. Some of the characteristics that make it so appealing include incredible strength and flexibility, excellent electrical conductivity, and the fact that it is nearly transparent. Also, because it has such a significant surface area, it can be used for energy storage, making it an interesting option for batteries and other devices.

It seems likely, based on the extensive work that has already been done, that graphene is going to play some kind of notable role in the collective future of humans. What exactly that role is, however, remains to be seen. This report indicating that graphene appears to be safe around humans is encouraging, although far more research is going to be required before sufficient confidence can be had in those findings. It will be interesting to see how graphene might impact the world as a whole over the years to come.


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