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Sue Your Boss and Win with These Three Easy Steps

— September 12, 2022

Usually employers are more than willing to hand over considerable settlements rather than going to court.

If you’ve been sexually harassed at your workplace in San Antonio, you don’t have to merely stand by and accept it. Instead, you can sue your employer for the damages you have been forced to endure. This can provide you with a sense of justice, closure, and of course a considerable financial settlement. In fact, it’s not unheard of for employees to win settlements that are worth millions of dollars1. Curious about how you can make this happen? There are just a few easy steps you need to follow. 

Step One: Get In Touch with a Qualified Attorney

The first step is relatively straightforward: get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. You don’t just need any attorney, either. You need a lawyer who has considerable experience with sexual harassment cases. In addition, you should strive to find a Texas-based lawyer who understands local laws and regulations. It’s important to act quickly. If you wait too long, you could lose the ability to sue. This is due to the statute of limitations in Texas. 

Once you get in touch with an attorney, you can book a consultation. During this initial meeting, you can discuss your unique situation. You will need to describe exactly what you experience at your workplace. Based on this information, your lawyer will recommend the best course of action. Often, this involves filing a sexual harassment lawsuit and pursuing a settlement. 

Step Two: Gather Evidence

Another important step in this process is gathering evidence. You’ll need to prove beyond reasonable doubt that you did in fact suffer sexual harassment at your workplace. You can do this in a number of different ways depending on the specific type of harassment you have experienced. There are two types of sexual harassment: Quid pro quo sexual harassment, which takes place between a superior employee and a subservient employee2, and hostile work environment, which is a more general form of sexual harassment. 

Depending on your unique circumstances, you may need to collect screenshots of inappropriate texts, witness statements from eyewitnesses, photographs, and more. Your attorney can certainly help you gather all the evidence you need to back up your claims. 

Step Three: Negotiate

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Finally, you’ll need to negotiate a settlement with your employer. Usually employers are more than willing to hand over considerable settlements rather than going to court. A trial can damage a company’s reputation, affecting their share prices and their profit margins. It’s almost always better to handle this matter behind closed doors and provide victims with settlements. After you receive your settlement, you will no longer have the ability to pursue this matter any further in court. However, you will have achieved justice and a sense of closure. Sexual harassment attorneys are skilled negotiators who can help you receive your fair share. 

Where Can I Find a Texas Sexual Harassment Attorney Near Me?

If you’ve been searching for a qualified, experienced sexual harassment attorney in Texas, there are many legal professionals waiting to assist you. Get in touch with one of these individuals today, and you may be able to sue your employer for millions. 



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