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Surprising Things Truckers Do That Can Cause Accidents in Nashville

— August 11, 2022

Commercial drivers cannot drive for as long as they want each day due to safety concerns related to fatigued driving.

Nashville, TN – Many people on the roads are not aware of the fact that trucking and operating large commercial vehicles are among the most dangerous jobs in Tennessee and other states. Aside from the inherent danger in driving these vehicles because they are large and difficult to control, some drivers make mistakes or intentionally do things that greatly increase the chances that they will hurt someone. People who have been injured by truck drivers can meet with a lawyer and sue the driver’s employer to make them pay for all of the damage and injuries caused during the collision. It is also possible that a driver with a history of accidents and traffic violations will have trouble getting hired by employers. 

Fatigued driving 

Commercial drivers cannot drive for as long as they want each day due to safety concerns related to fatigued driving. Truckers are instructed that they need to obey federal transportation regulations which limit their driving time each day to make mistakes less likely. These are hours of service regulations, and these can be enforced by the police if they inspect the driver’s logbook. However, not every single driver who is on the roads beyond their hours of service will be caught before causing an accident or other problems. 

Driving while intoxicated

Tired driver; image by Johan Funke, via
Tired driver; image by Johan Funke, via

Substance abuse is a known problem among long distance drivers and truckers. Some drivers have been caught using illegal substances or alcohol to help them get through their shift. There are strict penalties for drunk driving, and commercial drivers have a lower legal limit for their blood alcohol concentration than standard drivers. However, some truckers risk losing their CDL and facing criminal penalties such as fines and jail time if they are caught and charged. It is also highly likely that an intoxicated truck driver will cause serious injuries or fatalities if they strike another driver. 

Distractions in the vehicle

Distracted driving from phones and other devices is a very common cause of accidents. There is always the potential that the driver can be on their phone, eating, talking to others, or simply not paying attention for various reasons. This is extremely dangerous, as a trucker can cause fatalities or life changing injuries by merely taking their eyes off of the roads for just a few seconds. If the driver is found to have been distracted when they caused the crash, this can be used as evidence of negligence in a civil lawsuit against the trucker and their employer. 

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