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Ten Types of Truck Accident Damages You Should Claim

— February 28, 2020

There are three main claim categories in which more than ten accidental damages can be claimed with the help of personal injury attorney.

Misfortune can happen anytime, especially a truck accident. Some injuries and damage may give mental trauma and leave you physically disabled, too. However, to compensate for the loss you suffer, here are some legal damages that you can claim and receive the money to cover your losses. 

There are three main claim categories in which more than ten accidental damages can be claimed with the help of personal injury attorney, Houston. 

  1. Economic damages claim

It compensates for the total financial loss that a person suffered in the accident. Economic damage is estimated in huge amounts which are actively claimed by an attorney to pay the sufferer expenses and other damages, which include:

Property damage: It usually claims to compensate for the damage caused to the vehicles, which may consist of the repair and replacement of vehicles.

Personal injuries claim: The personal injuries claim is usually made to compensate for the payments of the medical bills of the future as well as present, too.

Body injuries claim: The person suffers from any body damage like fractured bones, elbows, knees, ankles, organ loss, and any other physical injury that makes them physically disabled can claim this insurance from the driver.

Lost wages claim: The physical disability that occurred due to truck accidents makes your wages loss, too. You can also claim the lost wages to compensate for your economic loss.

A skilled Houston truck accident attorney works to compensate for the claim you make and handle all your legal issues and claiming processes.

Red ambulance in time-lapse photography; image by Camilo Jiminez, via
Red ambulance in time-lapse photography; image by Camilo Jiminez, via
  1. Non-Economic Damages 

The non-economic damage is often challenging to calculate as the immaterial damage cannot include the overall amount lost. Medical expenses related to accidental damage might be calculated, but others cannot. The non-economic damage claims involve the following:

Death claims: In case if someone lost his life in the truck accident, then an individual’s family members can claim death compensation. The recovery of life is not possible, but the claim can give some values to deal with the pain and suffering.

Loss of sexual function: Sexual organ disfunction can be claimed in the non-economic damage caused due to truck accident damage.

Mental torment: The accident that can give mental agony due to substantial loss or either by losing your loved ones in the accident can be claimed in the non-economic compensation for the therapies and treatments of the person.

Emotional pain is more challenging than physical pain. It sometimes disturbs the mental balance as well, which in turn results in the potential earning loss. The skilled team of Houston’s personal injury attorneys will guide you in the documentation and claiming procedure to have the right compensation from the other parties.

  1. Punitive Damages 

The claim for compensating the damage in a punitive category not only involves compensation but also includes punishing the defendant in case of severe trauma.

For instance: In case the 18-wheeler truck drives recklessly and hits your bumper with high speed, then you can claim for punitive damages. The claims that cover this category are as follows:

Third-party damages: The spouse or family members of the seriously injured person are able to claim and join the legal entities for compensation and recover the damage caused to them in the accident. Let’s say if someone loses his/her spouse or the person becomes disabled, then they can file wrongful death lawsuits and receive the economic benefits to live their life.

Child care expenses claim: In case of reckless driving, somehow, if individuals with babies lose their partner or become physically disabled and are not able to work, they can file a claim for their child care expense to meet with their child’s education and other expenditures.

Other intangible damages: Some other losses like soft injuries and any other physical damage like back strain, etc. can be claimed in this damage file petition.

It becomes easier to compensate for the losses you suffer in the truck accident with the help of a skilled attorney. Houston has power lawsuits and experienced accident attorneys who will help in processing and compiling all the legal formalities to claim the accidental damage and receive money.

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