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Honest Co. Baby Wipes; Image Courtesy of Today's Parent,

Parents beware! You might want to check what kind of wipes you’ve been buying for your babies. The Honest Company just issued a recall of certain lots of their popular baby wipes due to a “possible mold contamination problem,” according to CBS Miami. But how was the mold contamination discovered? Well, the co-founder of Jessica Alba’s company, Christoper Gavigan, explained the problem, saying:

“Recently it came to our attention during routine quality testing that certain lots of our wipes were not meeting our high standards. A recent quality audit concluded that there is the potential for the presence of mold in certain lots of our wipes resulting in staining. The aesthetics are unacceptable and we believe any of the affected products are not likely to cause adverse health consequences.”

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Fortunately, it’s easy for parents to know if they have one of the recalled packages of wipes, thanks to the UPC numbers printed on the “back of the wipes’ packaging.” Specifically, the recalled lots include:

  • 10 count packages, UPC 0817810011276, 0816645024079, 0817810011276
  • 72 count packages, UPC 0817810011863, 7000000011863, 0816645023584, 0816645023591
  • 288 count packages, UPC 0817810014680
  • 576 count packages, UPC 0817810028540

To make it even easier for parents to double check their wipes, the company has “set up an online tool to help customers figure out if their wipes were part of the recall.” For parents who have packages of affected wipes, they’re advised to discontinue use and return them to the store for a full refund.

At the moment, “no other products of The Honest Company are impacted” by the recall. That means parents can rest easy in knowing that the many other personal care products the company sells, like soap, lotions, diapers, and cleaning products, are safe to use.

Those with further questions or concerns are welcome to contact the company at 888-862-8818, Monday through Friday from 5 a.m. to 5 p.m. Pacific time.


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