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The Most Common Reasons a Company Would Speak with Business Lawyers

— July 1, 2022

A business will always need its workers to agree to certain terms and conditions.

Nashville, TN – Business lawyers need to work closely with a company’s management to accomplish a number of important goals. If the business makes mistakes in their legal processes, especially early on, this can result in litigation, lost profits, and other serious problems that can compromise the future of the company. Because of these potential issues, the company’s administration should consult with a lawyer about several different categories of concern. 

Drafting and reviewing contracts

From partnership to purchase agreements, any transaction that a business conducts will require a contract with the proper language and terms. Contracts are also foundational to any kind of relationships within the industry that will emerge between a business and others who provide crucial services of products. If a contract is breached, the business may owe the other party significant sums of money through damages. 

Employment documentation

A business will always need its workers to agree to certain terms and conditions. There may be documents related to pay, non-disclosure, trade secrets, and other aspects of their employment. The worker also needs to understand the company’s policies, and these policies about conduct and expectations should be formalized in writing as well to avoid confusion. All of these documents need to comply with relevant labor laws as well. 

Property transactions

A company may need a commercial lease on a building, there can be a need to buy real property, or a construction company may need to build a structure or make repairs. All of these kinds of tasks should be reviewed by an attorney. Property law can be fairly complex, and the rules that apply to each situation can vary greatly based on the type of land or structure in question. There is also the possibility of foreclosure on a property if payments on a mortgaged structure are not made correctly. 

Financial and taxation issues

Telemedicine Business Owner is Convicted of Fraud, Tax Evasion
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Proper financing and handling of money is another significant area of concern. When a business is financially organized, it is more likely that tax season and other financial matters will go smoothly. Depending on the type of business, there may also be additional regulations regarding how money can be held and spent. It is best for the business to get legal advice early on before mistakes are made, which can result in lost money, defaulted loans, audits, or investigations. 

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