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What Services Can a Business Lawyer Provide in a Company’s Early Stages?

— July 1, 2022

It is common for a business to need a physical space with a lease, or the owners may even have to build new structures.

Nashville, TN – Any business can benefit from legal advice. This is especially true when a company is just forming and the founders and ownership interests want to avoid serious mistakes and comply with all relevant regulations in their line of business. The best way to prepare for these issues is with the help of a licensed local attorney with experience in the field of business law. 

Employment agreements

Each company should clearly define its relationships with its workers through formal agreements. This may include outlining the worker’s responsibilities, pay rate, and terms of employment. The worker should also agree to the company’s policies regarding things like trade secrets and non-disclosure of sensitive information. In some cases, the agreement may even place conditions on what the worker can do after leaving the company, such as whether they can work for a competitor or not. 


When a business starts, there are processes related to starting a corporation, a company charter, business plans and other important aspects of the company’s founding. However, this is not always a straightforward process as different types of corporations exist, partners may want specific terms of ownership, and there is the possibility of committing serious errors at this time that will affect the company long into the future.  

Solving disputes

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There may be disagreements or disputes between management, employees, vendors, contractors, and various other parties that work with the business. Some of these disputes can be solved through written contracts and analyzing the language, while no formal agreement may exist in other situations. It is possible that things like industry custom and verbal promises can be used as evidence when there is no formal documentation available. 

Leases and property issues

It is common for a business to need a physical space with a lease, or the owners may even have to build new structures. Things like commercial lease agreements, construction contracts, and other types of property documentation are relevant to these processes. 

Taxation for businesses

Every business needs to make sure that they comply with both federal and state tax laws. However, the relevant tax code and other issues that apply to the business may not be obvious or easy to figure out. Having taxes done professionally can help avoid time consuming audits or legal trouble at a later time. 

Meeting with a business attorney in Nashville

The Law Office of George R. Fusner is a firm with extensive experience in all business matters. Their attorneys can provide advice about contracts, misrepresentation, and other important concepts in business law. 

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