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These Actions Can Be Used to Prove Negligence by a Driver in Mississippi

— August 3, 2022

A common issue on the roads in Mississippi and other states is when drivers simply ignore the speed limit and choose to go as fast as they want.

Jackson, MS – Every state has a number of different traffic laws that regulate the behavior of drivers. Mississippi has laws on the books related to things like speeding, drunk driving, needing to yield to other vehicles and pedestrians, and illegal lane changes. These traffic laws can be very important when it is necessary to show that a driver breached their standard duty of care required on the roads. When a driver was not careful enough, they may be considered negligent and have to pay for all of the losses related to the crash.

Intoxicated driving laws

One of the most serious mistakes a driver can make is to use drugs or alcohol before operating their vehicle. The legal limits for alcohol are even lower for drivers who are operating a commercial vehicle for business purposes or those who are below the age where they are allowed to purchase alcohol. 

There can be serious criminal penalties such as jail time, loss of a driver’s license, and fines if the driver is convicted. However, when the driver is sued in civil court for a related accident, any evidence related to impaired driving can also be used against the person.  

Speeding laws

A common issue on the roads in Mississippi and other states is when drivers simply ignore the speed limit and choose to go as fast as they want. This has been shown to be an extremely dangerous behavior, as speeding drivers are much more likely to cause serious injuries or fatalities if they cause a crash before reaching their destination. While a speeding ticket can carry fines, the driver can be sued and evidence may be presented to show that their excessively fast driving was a cause of the car crash. 

Failure to yield

Bike lane; image by Flo Karr, via
Bike lane; image by Flo Karr, via

There are laws related to giving the right of way to other vehicles, pedestrians, and bicyclists at intersections, crosswalks, and other areas. A failure to yield can increase the chances of an accident, and it is also more likely that an incident involving injuries to a pedestrian can happen. Anyone who was hit by a driver who did not yield properly may want to sue them and use this information to show negligence. 

Attorneys are available to assist accident victims

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