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These are the Stages of an Accident Lawsuit in Detroit

— April 13, 2022

An accident lawsuit will conclude with a settlement agreement in most cases.

Detroit, MICar accident lawsuits are important for victims because they are the main way to receive compensation for all of their problems caused during the collision. When a person gets legal advice, they can choose to bring a lawsuit with their attorney’s assistance. However, there are certain stages to this process, and it often takes between several months and a couple of years for a case to begin and be resolved through a settlement or trial. More specific advice about this process can be obtained from an accident attorney in the Detroit area.

Filing the case

The lawyer for the victim needs to draft a complaint that has a few different parts. This includes a statement of facts, legal arguments regarding how the defendant is at fault, and a statement asking for relief, which is usually in the form of various types of compensation. The complaint is filed in the local court system where the accident happened, and a copy needs to be served to the defendant. The case cannot begin until the defendant is on notice that there is a lawsuit pending against them. 


After the case is filed and the defendant responds to the statements in the complaint, the parties need to exchange information to prepare for trial or settlements. This exchange of all information that may be relevant to the accident and the litigation is called discovery.

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It is also possible during this time that one party to the lawsuit can move for a deposition of important witnesses. This is where the person is placed under oath in an office and has to answer questions similar to what they may have to talk about if they were a witness at trial. Depositions attempt to be thorough to entirely explore all of the relevant information and knowledge that the person has. 

Settlements or trial

An accident lawsuit will conclude with a settlement agreement in most cases. These negotiations are where the victim can argue for an amount that is sufficient to cover things like their lost income and medical expenses. 

Trials are fairly rare, but if it is apparent that there will be no agreement, both sides to the case will need to go to court to present evidence to a jury. The downside of a trial is that if the jury rules for the defendant, the accident victim will receive nothing. 

Accident lawyers in Detroit

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