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Things to Know About Federal Taxes in Philadelphia

— December 19, 2022

Tax lawyers handle various issues that can come up related to federal taxation.

Philadelphia, PA – Most Americans are familiar with federal taxes, as these are paid to the government out of each paycheck. This is also a significant financial burden, as the average American worker needs to give somewhere between about ten and thirty percent of their income to the federal government in this manner. Because this is such a significant and important source of revenue for the government, they have various ways of checking a person’s taxes and enforcing the tax code when necessary. 

Lawyers who handle taxation issues and related legal matters are able to explain these matters more thoroughly during a consultation. 

What do federal taxes pay for?

Congress budgets and spends significant volumes of money each year. This figure is now into the trillions of dollars annually. A large part of these taxes goes towards military and defense spending, but things like maintaining interstate highways, national parks, social programs, and funding for public education all come out of federal taxes as well. 

How much will a person or business owe in federal tax?

Each individual person or entity needs to calculate their federal taxes based on things like income, business expenses, charitable donations, and other available deductions. The total amount owed can vary greatly under the nation’s progressive tax system. It is common for most people to get some kind of assistance from an accountant, tax professional, or legal professional to file each year. Philadelphia tax lawyers are a valuable source of information for individuals and businesses who are unsure about things like their total tax liability and filing status. Paying for professional help from Pennsylvania tax lawyers when filing is usually a good investment, as facing an audit or investigation from the IRS is not a pleasant experience. 

Why would someone need legal advice about their federal taxes?

DOJ Permanently Bars Tax Preparer from Continuing His Practice
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Tax lawyers handle various issues that can come up related to federal taxation. In more serious situations that involve fraud or illegal acts, a tax attorney may help keep a person out of criminal court and jail. Legal professionals are also commonly used when a person owes money to the government for back taxes and other debt. Their negotiation skills can help a person come to a settlement with the federal government to pay off their debt for a reasonable amount. 

Estate planning lawyers also deal with similar taxation issues that emerge after a person has died and their estate is being distributed. They can also help a family plan in advance to avoid potential problems. 

Finding a local attorney who can provide more information is a service that connects people with attorneys in their area. Anyone who wants a referral to a local licensed lawyer can call 800-672-3103 for assistance. 

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