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Things to Look for Before Accepting a Truck Accident Settlement in Washington DC

— July 8, 2022

The plaintiff should be mindful of their current medical bills, along with future projected healthcare needs that the person will need to recover.

Washington, DC – Almost all accident lawsuits involving commercial vehicles are settled out of court. This tends to save everyone involved lots of time and money, and the plaintiff may not get anything at all if the jury rules in favor of the defendant after a trial. However, truck accident settlements are often complex as well. This is because the agreement should address the total present and future costs of all kinds of damages available in a negligence case before it is accepted. 

The first offer is usually a bad one

It is a common tactic for the insurance company of the defendant driver to essentially try to end the case quickly. This is often done by offering a small amount of money and seeing if the accident victim will take it. Any settlement agreement should be reviewed by a lawyer before accepting, as this will end the case and additional legal action related to the same incident cannot be taken at a later time. 

Most or all costs for the present and future should be covered

Assistance from Washington DC truck accident lawyers is crucial in reviewing all of the terms of the settlement and ensuring that the numbers align with what the victim will actually need. The plaintiff should be mindful of their current medical bills, along with future projected healthcare needs that the person will need to recover. If the plaintiff has missed work and will not be able to work in the future due to their injuries, all of these amounts should be addressed in the settlement as well. On a related note, those who have difficulty performing tasks outside of their work and require special assistance or caretakers should factor these costs in as well, as they can become substantial over time. 

Intangible losses

A man wearing sunglasses, seated in a mechanical wheelchair in a natural area.
Imagine being unable to go. Photo by Leandra Rieger on Unsplash.

In a negligence lawsuit following a motor vehicle crash, Washington DC accident lawyers can also ask for non-economic compensation that covers the victim’s pain and suffering. The attorney should work with the victim to try to put a price on the person’s physical pain, mental health, and quality of life problems that are directly related to the accident and their injuries. In some cases, this amount may be even larger than the economic losses for medical costs and effects on the person’s ability to work. Many skilled and experienced lawyers know how to put a price onto these serious issues, even when there are no specific bills or documents to use as evidence. 

Advice after an accident in Washington DC

People who have recently been involved in an accident with a commercial vehicle can speak with attorneys who focus on these kinds of cases. is a site that lists legal professionals throughout the country, and they can be contacted at 800-672-3103.

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